Amazon’s new Blink XT2 smart security camera now ships to Canada

A single camera starts at $129.99 CAD

Amazon’s new security camera the Blink XT2 is now available in Canada for $129.99 CAD.

The company revealed the camera back in May, and beyond its reasonable price, it’s packed with fantastic features, like two-year battery life and 1080p recording. The camera is also completely wireless.

It also features two-way audio capabilities, allowing users can talk to people through the device.

The security device comes with free cloud storage, so you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly fee to get access to your footage.

Finally, the camera works during the day or night and outside. It also works with Alexa smart displays so you can see a live stream of what the camera is recording. If you don’t have a smart display, there’s a Blink app.

To get the cameras to work you need to have a Blink Sync module so it can connect to the internet, but each package comes with one. The camera also comes with a wall mounting kit.

The camera comes in a variety of packages:

Unfortunately for potential buyers, it seems these items have been selling well, and the delivery info says “Usually ships within 6 to 8 weeks,” on the device’s Amazon page