It might be easier to buy new C by GE smart lights than reset them

You'll need a stopwatch, the steady hand of a surgeon and the favour of God

C by GE

There are a lot of excellent smart light options out there for homeowners. However, as with all technology, sometimes things can go wrong, and you’ll need to reset your lights. While most companies offer simple methods for resetting lights, recent entrant C by GE doesn’t.

GE brought some of the bulbs from its C line to Canada in April, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the lights in my review — which you can read here — I didn’t have to reset them.

And I’m thankful for that now.

GE recently published a YouTube video outlining how to reset its C bulbs, but viewers are flocking to it for the comedic value. I don’t blame them: for the first few minutes of the video, I wasn’t sure it was real.

The reset process is essentially a long combination of turning the bulbs on and off for a set period, ranging from two to eight seconds. To further complicate the process, the combination changes depending on the bulb and the firmware installed on it.

To further confirm the procedure, GE has a help page where it spells out the steps of the nearly minute-long reset process. The page recommends “counting with Mississippi” to make sure you get the timing right. And you better get it right, or you’re starting again from the beginning.

What makes this even more absurd is that other smart light companies seem to have it figured out. LIFX, for example, requires you flick the light on and off five times to reset the bulb. Philips Hue lets you delete bulbs directly from the app.

While it’s worth noting that C by GE lets you delete bulbs directly from the app as well, it’s not listed as an official way to factory reset the C bulbs.

Source: Reddit