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SyrupCast Podcast Ep. 197: The Nexus returns

Google Pixel 3a

This week on the SyrupCast, MobileSyrup features editor Igor Bonifacic, managing editor Patrick O’Rourke and freelance contributor Ted Kritsonis discuss the announcements from last week’s Google I/O.

Google didn’t disappoint regarding the announcements coming out of its annual I/O developers conference this year, with the tech giant making many significant announcements. The biggest reveals include the mid-range Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, the Nest Hub coming to Canada, new Android Q features and some impressive updates for Google Assistant.

Igor, Patrick, and Ted talk about how these updates and new technology both fit into the current tech ecosystem.

Tune in to hear the SyrupCast team’s thoughts.

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Total runtime: 40:44
Shoutouts: 36:00

Igor gives his shoutout to The Crown. Patrick gives his shoutout to Apex Legends coming to mobile. And Ted shouts out last week’s Uber and Lyft strike.