AI text generator writes you a story or poem with any prompt it’s given

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TalkToTransformer is an AI text generator that responds to anything you write in its textbox, whether it’s a question or the start of a made-up story.

Canadian engineer Adam King created the site. The technology within the site was innovated by a research lab called OpenAI.

OpenAI unveiled its language system, GPT-2, earlier this year. The system was previously only available to a number of scientists and journalists.

The technology is now accessible to everyone.

TalkToTransformer can identify news articles, stories, HTML and lyrics. The system is flexible and can recognize familiar characters from popular franchises.

However, the system has its limits. The text has surface-level consistency, but lacks long-term structure, as outlined by The Verge.

When TalkToTransformer narrates a story, characters will randomly emerge and disappear without any steadiness in their storyline. The conversations will also float between topics.

The generator is a multitalented system that is able to find patterns in data and sift through the web with a single algorithm.

The best way to understand and examine the generator is by exploring it for yourself here.

Source: The Verge