Amber Alert texts once again have people complaining


Deja vu. It has happened once again.

Early this morning around 5am ET an emergency alert was issued by the Sudbury Police for a missing 3-year old boy named William Gooden, with the suspect being his mother, Breana Gooden. The call for help was sent to all mobile devices in Ontario and other forms of media such as TV and radio.

Gooden and William have been located in Toronto by the Fort York Blvd and Lake Shore Avenue West area.

As has become expected with Amber Alerts, many once again took to social media to complain about the potentially life-saving notifications. The Toronto Police also received a high volume of calls from Ontario residents complaining about the notification.

A similar experience happened back in February.


All wireless carriers are mandated to provide this service and the tests are in place to help Canadians become more familiar with mobile public alert messages, which notify you of imminent threats such as fires, tornadoes, floods and Amber Alerts. Carriers are legally required to support the transmission of these alerts through their networks since April 6th, 2018.