Slack makes signing in on Android easier with support for Smart Lock

Logging into Slack on Android is now as easy as picking your Google account

Slack app icon

If you use Slack for work — who doesn’t these days? — you know that signing in can sometimes be frustrating.

Thankfully, Slack is about to make things easier on Android. The company recently updated its titular business communications platform with support for Android’s Smart Lock for Passwords feature.

For the unfamiliar, Smart Lock for Passwords primarily uses your Google account as a vault to save your passwords. Android will then automatically sign you into supported apps if you saved the credentials to Google.

Slack joins other favourite apps, like Netflix, Eventbrite and the New York Times by adding support for Smart Lock. The new feature comes as part of version

Next time you log into Slack, you’ll get a pop-up with all your Google accounts. Just select the one associated with your Slack room, and if your password is saved, you’ll log in automatically.

Slack using Android Smart Lock

If you don’t keep your passwords saved with Google, you can still sign in the regular ways: through Slack’s manual sign-in process or a ‘Magic Link’ the company emails you.

It’s also worth noting that if you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled on any Slack rooms, you’ll need to enter those codes to sign in, regardless.

Source: Android Police