Samsung Galaxy S10 series pre-installed screen protectors come with 90-day warranty

Samsung is preparing to release its latest line of smartphones in Canada, the Galaxy S10 and S10+ and the S10e.

The devices will all be available on March 8th in Samsung Stores and at most Canadian carriers. The Android-powered device also comes with a few firsts for the Galaxy line, including an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and a pre-installed screen protector.

Ahead of the phone’s release, Samsung is answering questions from interested users regarding how the screen protector and fingerprint sensor interact with each other.

Samsung notes that not all screen protectors will work well with fingerprint sensors and that’s why the “Galaxy S10 will be shipped with factory pre-installed screen protector manufactured by Samsung.” The company notes this is to “increase overall customer experiences with the improved screen durability and full functionality of the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor.”

If you do have issues with your screen protector and need it replaced, Samsung says there is a 90-day warranty on the accessory when you purchase your device. However, if a replacement is needed and the screen protector is out of warranty, then it will cost you $29.99 USD (roughly $38 CAD). Samsung says that official S10 Samsung branded screen protectors will be readily available through its carrier partners and at Samsung stores.

“To ensure the full functionality of the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, Samsung strongly encourage our carrier and retail partners to carry Samsung branded screen protector as the replacement purchase option in stores. We cannot guarantee the experiences with screen protectors made of traditional glass and polyurethane materials,” writes Samsung in a recent press release.

In Canada, the S10 line starts at $1,019.99 CAD for the S10e, $1,259.99 S10 for the standard S10 and $1,419.99 for the S10+.

Update: Samsung Canada sent us an email noting that the “90-day warranty is available through Samsung direct.”

Source: Samsung Canada, 9to5Google