Ontario Government launches auto strategy, grants 5G research to 1,000 companies

Uber self-driving car

The Ontario government wants to allow 1,000 automotive businesses to have access to 5G technology, according to its newly revealed automotive strategy.

The strategy, titled Driving Prosperity: The Future of Ontario’s Automotive Sector, was released on February 14th and lays out a 10-year vision for how the industry, research sector and municipal, provincial and federal governments will work together to “strengthen the auto sector’s competitiveness.”

Work that is already “underway,” according to the report, is allowing “an estimated 1,000 small- and medium-sized businesses to plug into a 5G platform and access related research and technology.”

The announcement was made to coincide with the opening of the Canadian International Auto Show. The launch also comes with a $40 million, three-year strategy to help keep jobs in the industry.

The Ontario government will spend the money on auto-plant expansions and developing autonomous vehicles.

In Ontario’s 2018 Fall Economic Statement, the government “committed to a Broadband and Cellular Strategy to expand broadband digital services and cellular access in unserved and underserved areas.”

“We listened carefully to what Ontario’s auto industry needs to safeguard good jobs, while investing in the skills and technology essential to remain competitive,” Progressive Conservative Ontario Economic Development Minister Todd Smith said in a press release. “This plan builds on our work to cut red tape, lower business costs, and make Ontario open for business and open for jobs.”

Source: Ontario Government, The Toronto Star