Kijiji Autos aims to gain more traction in Canada

Kijiji's car buying site is selling the perfect car for everyone

Online classifieds website Kijiji created an automotive offshoot of its main site at the end of 2018 that’s starting to find its legs.

Kijiji Autos focuses exclusively on vehicle sales instead of being a buying and selling catch-all platform like the original Kijiji.

At the 2019 Canadian International Auto Show, the company said that it’s still too early to tell how well the site is doing — though a quick examination of the site shows that there are currently 358,770 ads on the site right now.

Of those roughly 350,000 vehicles, Kijiji Autos says that on average around 100,000 of them are new vehicles.

This is a key point that the company is trying to drive home: it’s a car buying platform for buying all kinds of vehicles ranging from beaters, vintage gems and brand new models from tons of dealers.

There’s even a Carfax-based price analysis tool that determines if a vehicle is a good buy or not.

The tool shows the average price of the vehicle you’re looking at and then displays if the seller is offering a fair deal. The data even takes into account the mileage and condition of the vehicle.

Overall, this new site seems to be working well, and it will be interesting to see if it catches on as Kijiji doubles down on advertising the platform.

Source: Kijiji Autos