LG Mobile CEO confirms company is developing foldable smartphone

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LG is actively developing a foldable display smartphone, the company’s mobile head, Jeong-hwan Hwang, confirmed at a press conference in South Korea dedicated to the launch of the V40 ThinQ.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News, which was at the press conference, Hwang went on to state that LG doesn’t aim to be among the first smartphone manufacturers to release a foldable smartphone. Instead, the company’s aim is to release a device when it will have clear consumer value.

Earlier this week, a hands-on video showcasing a prototype Lenovo foldable smartphone surfaced online. If the foldable smartphones Samsung, Huawei et al are developing is anything like the Lenovo device from earlier this week, then it’s likely a smart move on LG’s part not to rush to market with a foldable smartphone.

Hwang also said that LG plans to release a 5G-capable smartphone in 2019.

Source: Yonhap News Via: Android Authority