Lenovo foldable smartphone resurfaces in new hands-on video

Lenovo header

A new video of Lenovo’s long-in-development foldable display smartphone has surfaced online.

The video, seen below, first appeared on the company’s Weibo account in China, before making its way to YouTube.

As Android Police notes, the display exhibits dark spots. Additionally, touch input remains active even while the person conducting the hands-on is bending the phone. The display spots could be a result of excessive use during the hands-on. At the very least, it appears Lenovo has some work to do before the above device is ready for consumer use.

Lenovo first started teasing a foldable display smartphone back in 2016 at its then annual Lenovo Tech World summit. At the time, the company positioned the device as something users could wear on their wrist when they weren’t actively using it. Since then, the company has been relatively quiet about the device.

Lenovo is not the only smartphone OEM preparing to launch a foldable phone sometime before the heat death of the universe.

Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh has said his company will debut a bendable smartphone either this year or in 2019. Huawei’s Richard Yu has said his company has tentative plans to launch a foldable smartphone next year, as well.

Source: Gizmochina Via: Android Police