It looks like Taylor Swift is the new face of Fujifilm’s Instax instant cameras

Taylor Swift wants you to take photos of your 'Wildest Dreams'

In a move that makes so much sense I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened, Fujifilm and Taylor Swift have teased a special branded Instax camera in three brief videos.

Fujifilm first announced the Instax SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition a few months ago, stating that the instant camera would be released in the fall.

The videos, featuring Swift’s banger of a track, ‘Gorgeous,’ show off the camera and also gives a behind-the-scenes look at the collaboration process the singer went through with Fujifilm to create it.

It’s still unclear when the camera will be released or what specifically makes it different from Fujifilm’s standard SQ6 instant shooter. As it stands right now, it looks like the only difference is the camera’s Taylor Swift branding, along with being wrapped in the same newspaper print theme that’s prominently featured on her most recent album, ‘Reputation.’

While professional and enthusiast photographers alike often scoff at Polaroid-style Instax cameras, I’ve always enjoyed Fujifilm’s take on the retro-inspired category, particularly the SQ6. There’s something inherently calming about just pointing a camera, pressing a button and having a physical photo instantly appear a few seconds later.

The series of cameras also brings photography back to an era of simplicity I find myself sometimes missing. Gone are the multiple dials, on-screen menus and image stabilization concerns and in their place is one of the most basic photography experience available.

Just point, shoot and boom, a physical photograph appears in your hand. I find this back-to-basics approach to photography allows me to relax and focus on composition.