BlackBerry’s chief security officer shares intense cybersecurity predictions

The predictions are scary but could very well be true


Alex Manea is BlackBerry’s chief security officer and he has a list of four cybersecurity predictions for 2018.

He predicts that 2018 will be the worst year to date for cyber attacks, with this prediction stemming from how bad 2017 was for cyber attacks. Manea also says that a number of companies are still running legacy systems that often contain publicly known vulnerabilities. On top of all that, IT workers are managing increasingly complex networks and security frameworks making their jobs even harder to manage.

In one of his more intense predictions, Manea says that in 2018 cyber attacks will cause physical harm. Since the IoT is still a relatively new space there’s a significant amount of of unsecured data associated with it. Things like cars and pacemakers can be hacked resulting in a greater chance that a hacker could cause real physical harm.

Another prediction is that insurance companies will start including cybersecurity as part of their offerings. Manea thinks that insurance companies will begin selling devices that monitor companies’ cybersecurity efforts and then offer them rates based on how secure they are.

Source: BlackBerry