YouTube brings dark mode to its mobile apps

bringing the mobile apps up to par with the web


YouTube has started rolling out an update today that adds a dark mode to its mobile application.

The update has reportedly started rolling out to iOS users and will be followed shortly by an update for Android.

The dark mode options inverts the white background on the app to make it a very dark shade of grey.

Google first introduced dark mode to YouTube in April of 2017. Since then, users has been asking YouTube to add the feature to the mobile app as well.

This change comes as more and more apps start to support both light and dark themes, with apps like Twitter, Reddit, Pocket, as well as many others, all supporting the feature.

This update also comes after Google shut down rumours that a dark theme would be coming to Android, but maybe if YouTube’s mobile dark mode gains enough popularity it could convince Google to add a dark theme to its OS.

Source: The Verge