Samsung to reportedly launch Galaxy S9 in blue, gold, black and purple


  • Zaptor99

    Don’t most people put a case on. I’ve never seen a phone in public that I said, wow that phone is blue/gold/etc/etc.

    • Elky64

      Think you are right, most people do put on some sort of case on. But some cases do allow the phone’s colour to shine through like the clear ones, or the case leaves enough area around camera, fingerprint sensor, etc, that its colour is visible. Guess it is all about colour-coordination.

      Back in the day though (LOL), so prior to bezel-less designs, the screen bezels were colour-coordinated to match the rest of the phone in many instances), or like Apple you needed a certain colour for white or black bezels.

    • KiwiBri

      I see a lot of exec types downtown toronto running their devices without a case. My company, though, provides huge Ottorcases 🙁

    • John Lofwire

      visit Dbrand and you can make your phone any texture and colors lol.
      Got a nice one for the back of my essential that i do use naked ( with a tempered glass on the screen )

    • Roger

      I usually use a clear TPU case for my platinum LG G6, but use a black otterbox symmetry case I got for free when I’m doing outdoor stuff.

  • heynow00

    Huge news

  • Jon Duke


  • KiwiBri

    with the way pricing has gone for handsets, I’m just going to get another S7 unless something magical is included for the S9 series.

    • John Lofwire

      Get an essential lol.

      Beside waterpoofing and SD card its beat the S7 in EVERY aspect.
      Yes with latest camera update the camera is now better than S7 easily.

    • KiwiBri

      I like waterproofing.. (just got back from a trip to the Carribean and this feature was very helpful on the beach and on the catamaran trip) – oh, and so was the extended storage on the SD card.

    • h2oflyer

      IP68 is for fresh water….did you actually treat your phone to salt water !

      I did that once with my Sony Z3, but had to keep rinsing it with lots of bottled water.

    • KiwiBri

      yeah, it got splashed, not submerged. Rised out afterwards. Fresh water pool as well 🙂 Just a pain because it won’t charge until the contacts are no longer damp. Handy to have a wireless charger in the future!

    • Garrett Cooper

      I met my old Z5 to salt water. Didn’t dunk it, but it died :(.

    • basesloadedwalk

      I’m with you 100% for the most part. In the past, people were upgrading every 1-2 years, but with how prices are now, I believe most will wait 2-3 years before upgrading. And when I plan to upgrade, I’m done with “flagship” devices at their current prices. There will be many mid-tier phones that do pretty much the same thing anyway.

  • basesloadedwalk

    …but only available in black in Canada I’m guessing.

  • Haseeb Khan


    ☆☆{A Special Edition Note}☆☆

    • Dual Stereo Speakers DOLBY ATMOS AMPLIFIER
    • 256GB Storage Option Only!
    • 8GB OF RAM!
    • Dual 20+ Megapixel Camera!
    • A Dual LED Flash!
    • An Infrared Blaster!
    • A SnapDragon 835+ Or 845 Processor!
    • A 120Hz Display!
    • A 4000mAh Battery!
    • Qualcomm’s New Quick Charge 4.0+!
    • A Better Placement For The “Fingerprint Scanner” Or Like “The Google Pixel”!!

    An Absolute “OV3RK1LL”/Take My Money!!!

  • Garrett Cooper

    I’m sure Canada will just get blue or black, like always. Orchard Gray was really nice looking though.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Will love to see some red throw in there