Bell’s new roaming feature lets customers use their own data bucket


  • demonte21

    This look like to be a really great option for Cuba… Wifi in hôtel almost never work.

    • John Lofwire

      you be better off with Telus or rogers..

      they are at 10$ for Cuba with max 100$ at rogers and 150$ at telus per billing cycle.

  • Bill___A

    Maybe the name should be changed as “Roam Better” is the $10 option capped at $100. Although it is good of Bell to offer this option, it is in poor taste to have it 20% more on a daily basis and significantly more expensive on a monthly basis.

  • Jason

    Just wait for mandatory unlocking (if it ever happens) then just grab a US sim and plan for $7/day

    • Bob

      Why would someone pay $7/day and go through the hassle of setting up a US sim/provider when you can use this at $6/day and use your phone number?

    • gmd

      We’re talking “unlimited for $7” or “100 MB for $6”.

      Could you repeat the question?

      There are options out there that will give you “Unlimited for 7$ USD” in 100+ countries. I tend to use more data when I’m away, so I don’t like to “use data from my plan”. Then again, I couldn’t as I’m with Public Mobile.

      I love dual-sim phones…

    • Brandon Fa

      I found a provider in the US that offers 5GB of data for $30 per month. Good thing the Mandatory unlocking comes into effect on December 1.

  • Louis C

    As I spend my winters in Florida, I switched over to Bell’s BYOD (Bring your own device) Unlimited Can/USA Shared program. It’s $55 per month with unlimited voice and text. I added 4Gb of shared data for $15. Drove down and our phones would automatically switch over to whichever carrier offered the strongest signal. Excellent throughout!

  • Barry Harden

    Just grab a local prepaid sim in the country you’re visiting. Much more economical!

  • HavaLava24

    Bell Canada/USA plan is only $10/mo addon, includes USA roaming unlimited calling, txt, your regular home data bucket, your regular phone number.

    Don’t understand why anyone would opt for Roam Better for $5/day/100mb, or $6 day/home data.