Bell subscribers in Halifax have the fastest mobile internet, says Speedtest report

Rogers subscribers in London have the fastest broadband internet


American internet access web service Ookla has released the results of its mobile and broadband internet report for Canada.

Published on November 15, 2017 and based on data gathered during Q2 and Q3 2017, Ookla’s Speedtest report reveals some interesting facts about Canadian internet speeds.

The mobile internet speed data was collected from 263,273 users who conducted 842,463 speed tests, allowing SpeedTest to gather 35,383,446 data points.

According to the report, the average mobile download speed in Canada is 35.19 Mbps, while the average upload speed is 10.29 Mbps.

Download speeds increased by 38.9 percent compared to 2016, while upload speeds increased by 19.8 percent compared to 2016.

The report also confirmed that Bell subscribers in Halifax have the country’s fastest mobile data speeds. Haligonians using Bell access average speeds of 45.88 Mbps.

Telus subscribers in Winnipeg have access to the slowest download speeds in the country — an average of 28.78 Mbps.

Telus in Quebec City (41.71 Mbps) is in second place, while Telus and Bell in Vancouver (41.33 Mbps) tie for third place.

It’s apparently good to be a Rogers customer in London

Ookla also studied Canada’s broadband internet speeds.

According to Ookla, 3,906570 users performed 17,074,981 speed tests to generate 478,099,468 data points.

Canadians average 59.67 Mbps for download speed and 18.55 Mbps of upload speed.

Londoners subscribed to Rogers have access to the fastest average download speeds — 84.89 Mbps. Haligonians subscribed to Bell Aliant are in second-place, with average download speeds of 82.89 Mbps. Torontonians subscribed to Rogers are in third-place, with average download speeds of 74.64 Mbps.

Interestingly enough, Montrealers subscribed to Videotron have access to the slowest average speeds in Canada — 43.56 Mbps.

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