Here are Caseology’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X cases

Caseology iPhone cases

Caseology, a relatively new smartphone case manufacturer in the accessory market, has revealed its array of upcoming cases for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

True to the company’s reputation and our impressions of the Caseology’s Note 8 cases, each case features a distinct minimalist design that’s a mix of style and protection.

We’ve taken a quick look at each case and weighed the pros and cons of every offering.

iPhone X Caseology cases

Caseology iPhone 10 Vault case

Just like its iPhone 8 counterpart, the iPhone X version of Caseology’s Vault enclosure features a slightly textured design that gives the splipery higher-end iPhone additional grip, while still offering ample protection across the entire device.

iPhone X


caseology iphone 10 skyfall

The iPhone 10 version of Caseology’s case features an acrylic hard cover and a PC frame. While not as protective as some of the company’s other offerings, it still allows you to show off the sleek look of the iPhone X while still protecting it.

As a nice touch, Caseology also covers the Skyfall case’s clear rear rear and inside with a protective coating while the case is in the box, ensuring that it doesn’t get scratched (don’t forget to remove it before you put your device in the case though).

iPhone X


caseology iphone 10 parallax

The most appealing thing about Caseology’s Parallax case is its textured backing, which adds much needed grip to the iPhone X. Like I stated before in the iPhone 8 portion of this story, the iPhone X version of the Parallax case features the company’s tried-and-true dual-layer technology, making it one of the manufacturer’s more durable cases.

iPhone X


While it’s a little bulky, Caseology’s legion case has a flare to it other enclosures in Caseology’s 2017 line are lacking. All in, it’s one of the manufacturer’s most protective cases thanks to its steal rear casing, though this also ads heft to the case as well.

iPhone X


caseology iphone-10 apex

Caseology’s Apex case features a dual-layer dual layer build that includes shock-absorbent TPU and PC material, just like its iPhone 8 counterpart. Unlike most TPU cases though, the Apex isn’t sticky, which is always an added bonus.

iPhone X

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Caseology cases


Caseology Legion iPhone 8 case

While the manufacturer’s legion case isn’t necessarily the type of protection I’m looking for from a smartphone, those worried about the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus’ new glass rear cracking, will likely find a lot to like about Caseology’s Legion case.

The heavy duty offering is dual-layer and features both a rubber and a hardcase made of TPU and PC material. Though it’s durable, the Legion case also isn’t as bulky as you might expect. The stand-out feature, however, is a four-point rear guard (many of Caseology’s cases feature this) that offers protection when the phone is sitting on a table, but also helps the iPhone 8 weather drops.

This particular case comes in both ‘Charcoal Gray’ and ‘Aqua Green.’

iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus

Vault Series

Caseology Valut iPhone 8 case

Caseology’s Vault Case offers a slim yet effective design that features a slightly textured cover that gives the phone a more secure grip.

One of my major issues with the iPhone 8, but also other all-glass smartphones like Samsung’s S8 and Note 8, is that while that glass might look great, it’s also extremely slippery, perhaps more so than even the Note 8 and the S8. Caseology’s Vault case negates this issue and also provides ample protection for the phone, including a shock absorbing interior and corner cushion design.

The Vault series comes in ‘Black,’ ‘Burgundy’ and ‘Pine Green.’

iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus


Caseology parallax iPhone 8 case

The Parallax series is arguably Caseology’s most attractive option on the visual front, making it my favourite case for the Note 8 — it even won a Good Design Selection Award back in 2016.

The enclosure features a rare mixture of style and protection that few other cases manufacturers have been able to put together. Along with its sleek exterior, the Parallax case also includes the manufacturer’s tried-and-true dual-layer technology, with an emphasis on adding better grip for holding the phone horizontally. Considering I’m often snapping photos with the iPhone 8 from a horizontal position, this feature is an added bonus I often don’t find in smartphone cases.

Caseology’s Parallax series of cases is available in ‘Burgundy,’ ‘Black,’ ‘Ocean Gray,’ and ‘Pine Green.’

iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus


Caseology Skyfall iPhone 8 Case

Caseology’s Skyfall series is the company’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus clear case option, with an iPhone X version coming soon (the image above is the iPhone X case). The case features a clear, acrylic hard cover and a PC frame that offers a slim yet effective solution for protecting the new iPhone, all without taking away from the aesthetic of the device.

The manufacturer claims that the case is scratch resistant and that it won’t suffer from discolouration, an issue many clear cases often have. Similar to the company’s other cases, Skyfall features precise cutouts, low-profile button covers and a slightly raised lip.

Caseology’s Skyfall series comes in ‘Warm Gray’ and ‘Black.’ The case in the above image is the iPhone 8 version of the Skyfall case.

iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus


Coastline is Caseology’s take on a no-frills classic, clear smartphone cover. The case features a clear body and coloured border that integrates a mixed PC and TPU constructed body into a slim build that seems set to weather reasonably serious drops, according to Caseology.

Just like Caseology’s other offerings, the Coastline features shock absorbing corners, low-profile buttons covers and a raised front lip to help protect the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus’ camera, says the manufacturer.

Right now the Coastline case is available in ‘Frost Gray,’ but will soon come in ‘Deep Blue’ and ‘White Gray.’

iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus


Similar to some of Caseology’s other cases, the manufacturer’s Apex case is very minimalist and mixes geometric shapes with clean, clear lines.

The case also features a dual-layer build that features shock-absorbent TPU and PC material. Typically TPU cases are super thick, but unlike many of its competitor’s case offerings, Caseology’s Apex series is actually surprisingly thin, complete with low-profile button covers and a raised lip that protects the phone’s camera — this isn’t something I commonly see in smartphone cases.

The Apex series comes in a variety of colours, including: ‘Black,’ ‘Burgundy,’ ‘Pine Green,’ ‘Ocean Gray’ and ‘Aqua

iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus

Tempered Glass Screen protector

More so than even smartphone cases — an accessory I completely understand that some people don’t like because it compromises the look of a smartphone — I feel like everyone should have a screen protector on their smartphone.

Before you tell me I’m crazy, hear me out. Glass screen protectors aren’t like the plastic ones you remember. They’re form fitting, easy to apply and cut to match smartphones almost perfectly if you buy one from a reliable manufacturer.

Caseology’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus screen protector is only 0.33mm thick, which means it will help maintain vivid colours and detail present int he smartphone’s screen, as well as ensure touchscreen accuracy, according to the company. Unlike other screen protectors from different smartphone accessory manufacturers, Caseology’s glass features a special hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that protects against fingerprints, smudges, water and even oil.

iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus

You can find Caseology’s entire series of cases for Apple’s latest smartphone at the following links: iPhone X | iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus.

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