A look at Caseology’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases

Note 8 Caseology cases

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Note 8 hasn’t even officially hit Canadian carriers and store shelves yet, case manufacturers are already revealing their protective enclosures for Samsung’s latest flagship offering.

While we’ll be taking a look at a number of different Note 8 cases, first on our list is smartphone and consumer electronic accessories manufacturer, Caseology (Amazon Canada and Amazon United States store).


Note 8 Legion

Reminiscent of some of its competitor’s cases, Caseology’s Legion series Note 8 case offers heavy duty protection that’s designed to take on the impact of everyday use. The case is a combination of a rubber and a hard case and consists of shock absorbent TPU and PC material.

Despite its durability, the Legion case isn’t very bulky and wraps around the entirety of the device, including the Note 8’s buttons. Caseology says that the case also features a strategically raised front lip that protects the display when the phone is face down — this is an often overlooked feature included in many of the manufacturer’s cases — as well as a four-point guard that keeps the back of the phone elevated at all times.

The case is available in three colours: ‘Aqua Green,’ ‘Warm Gray’ and ‘Charcoal Gray.’


Note 8 vault

Caseology’s Vault Case is rugged, flexible and durable, though those that prefer more sturdy cases will likely want to opt for one of the manufacturer’s harder cases. The Vault’s TPU is very malleable, though its rear is textured with a three-dimensional textured cover that offers a more secure grip

The company says the case features a shock-absorbing interior and corner cushion design, including raised camera bezel protection.

The Vault case is available in Aqua Green and Black.


Note 8 Parallax

The Parallax case is for those looking to give their Note 8 a unique look. The case’s geometric pattern gives the case a stylish aesthetic that’s both great to look at, but also functional because it offers more texture to grip, making it more difficult to drop the phone (something that’s happened to me on countless occasions).

Similar to the Legion case, the Parallax also has a dual-layer construction, offering a mix between the standard, softer TPU case and more plastic smartphone enclosures.

Caseology says its Parallax series of cases won the Google Design Selection Award back in 2016, which isn’t surprising at all. As far as cases go, Caseology’s Parallax case is one of the best-looking smartphone cases I’ve ever come across, combining a stylish look with surprisingly durable construction.

The Parallax case for the Note 8 is available in ‘Black,’ ‘Burgundy,’ ‘Orchid Gray,’ ‘Ocean Gray’ and ‘Aqua Green.’


Note 8 Skyfall

The Skyfall series of cases offer the same dual-layer manufacturing as many of Caseology’s other offerings, but with a hard acrylic clear cover and a PC frame.

The phone features a slim, yet effective solution for protecting the Note 8, without compromising the entire aesthetic of the phone. Unlike similar smartphone cases from other manufacturers, the Skyfall is also scratch-resistant and offers a solid layer of protection that will prevent discoloration, according to Caseology.

The case also features cutouts for the Note 8’s USB-C and headphone port — just like all of the manufacturer’s Note 8 cases — as well as low-profile buttons covers and a subtly raised lip for protecting the smartphone’s screen and camera.

The Skyfall case is available in ‘Black,’ ‘Blue Coral,’ ‘Orchid Gray’ and ‘Warm Gray.’

Source: Caseology (Amazon Canada) (Amazon United States)

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