Anker PowerCore 10000 battery pack discounted by 51 percent, now only $34


  • James

    It has been this price since December 2016. It only went over $60 4 times in 2017. This is another example of “fake” discounts, or fake “regular prices”. You can get the Anker 20000 for $44.99 and this is its regular price since late 2016.

    • Captain Pokemon

      James, not to disagree with you but I think your comment is a little bit unfair to Ian Hardy. He simply passing on this great deals to all the MS readers. I purchased the same battery pack a month ago and it costs me more than $33.99 so regardless this is a steal deal. It will be a good information for folks who are planning to get a battery pack. It is even a great gift for the holiday. You may be more techsavvy than others here but not everyone will know that Anker was selling their 10K mah battery for less than $60 dollars.

    • Bob

      This is an ad whereby MS makes money when their readers purchase the featured products (assuming they use the links in the article to purchase). To think MS is graciously passing along these deals to their readers is naive.

    • heynow00

      Exactly what Bob said. Nothing wrong with it, there is a disclaimer.

      A simple search on Amazon shows that this is a top selling battery pack but at 33.99 is one of the more expensive options for 10000 mah

      The benefit of this battery pack v.s. others is how tiny it’s form is but the article doesn’t mention anything about that or why the reader should get it.

    • Captain Pokemon

      Agree..but just like you and me that MS needs some sort of revenue stream to pay its writers.

    • Keep in mind, Anker sells two versions of the Powercore 10,000, one with their own PowerIQ technology and another with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (which is $39.99 on Amazon Canada and a better option in terms of charging your devices)

    • Captain Pokemon

      Ahh…. thank you for clearing that up. I may have bought the Power IQ technology that is why it costs more than this.

    • Possibly, they’re virtually identical, apart from the small icon that indicates PowerIQ vs Quick Charge 3.0

      I hope Anker releases a USB Type C battery pack with Qualcomm Quick Charge, right now (at least I’m Canada) they’re selling the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C which only has their PowerIQ tech

  • JammerMan79

    “These partnerships do not influence our editorial content,”
    You can read the schill all over this

  • NoWayHosEH

    So what is better, Power IQ or quickcharge 3.0?

  • Garrett Cooper

    This sounds like a good price. But it is leading me to search Amazon to see what other options are out there. I have a Pixel XL, and would like something that would charge it quickly. Can anyone comment on how this one would perform?

    I bought an external battery pack of Amazon before, because it had a solar panel which I thought would be handy. Even charging via wall, the battery pack was garbage. Barely charged my phone and was really slow.