SaskTel launches yearly iPhone upgrade program ‘Fast Forward’


  • Dimitri

    At this point all carriers should do what the US carriers. The pricing of a top tier smartphone that is from a carrier is now well over $1,200 which includes the iPhone X at $1,513. If you want to get the iPhone X 256GB you are looking to put down almost $1,000 upfront on a 2yr term. ( this includes taxes, a case, screen protector). It’s crazy to think that manufacturers are carriers think we have thousands to spend a year on a phone like this.

    • Andrew Holt

      Phone subsidies are to blame for the high cost of phones. The phone manufactures have raised prices of their phones year after year because they are counting on the carriers to subsidize/finance the phone for the user and thus hiding the true cost. If carriers had nothing to do with selling phone hardware, and the users had to buy the phone at BestBuy/Walmart/Amazon/manufacture directly all on their own, then the prices of phones would likely decrease in cost to entice people to buy their products.

    • Aaron Hoyland

      This. A thousand times this. Cell phones are basically the only category of consumer electronics that haven’t gotten cheaper over time (inflation notwithstanding). Because phone subsidies effectively hide the true cost of the phone from consumers, there’s no downward pressure on prices. If I have to pay the same monthly cost for a $1,000 Galaxy S8 as I do a $400 Moto G, why wouldn’t I pick the S8?

    • Andrew Holt

      And I forgot to add that your monthly cell phone bill would also decrease because you would no longer be paying back the cell provider for the cost of the phone with monthly tab payments.

    • fmradio68

      The thing is if you buy from Best Buy or Walmart you are buying from the carriers. I don’t think you can buy it unlocked and just go with any provider. All carriers have the Samsungs, LGs and what not at Best buy. And each phone has a contract price tag with a respective carrier.

    • Bill___A

      Any way you get a phone, it comes out of your pocket, one way or another. If SaskTel has run the numbers on this program and it works for them, I wish them every success.Although I wish our prices were a bit lower, I like the higher standard of mobile service we get here, and I travel so I know. There are lots of places in the USA where it isn’t so good. There are places in Scotland where the best you can get is 2G. I’m not saying things are perfect here, but I don’t think we should be copying anyone else. Some people from Germany just told me they found the coverage in BC and Alberta to be very good in comparison to back in Germany….