Poll: Will you be buying Apple’s new iPhones?


  • Ryan

    would consider iPhone X if ~ $899…so in 2 years and by then it will be average

  • Patrick Mayo

    I will never touch Apple phones again. They wanted $395 to fix my iphone 6 (that was one month out of warranty) which suffered from “touch disease”. I take really good care of my phones, keep in an otterbox etc. I told apple care that I could buy a brand new mid range phone outright for $395 but they didn’t seem to care. I ended up buying a Galaxy S7 and never looked back.

    I used apple phones for over 5 years before the switch. I had an iPad air as well.

    • Ghenosis

      I usually power surge my Apple products before AppleCare+ ends. Skips the deductible and you have a brand new product which you can sell at full used price or you just have another product for a longer time.

  • Ghenosis

    I think the Galaxy S8+ is the true value for Premium phones this year. I’m holding onto my iPhone SE because I don’t see the value of these products at their price points.

  • Anonymous Agent

    Heck no, Iphones are junk and I hate that their so closed off. And I hate having to need to use itunes to do simple tasks

  • Stephen B Morris

    To be honest, I was generally impressed with the keynote. Yeah I could subjectively nitpick but all in all there was a lot more good than bad here. Still waiting until October to make my decision. I would love to wait until next year but my phone won’t last that long. I hope that the Pixel XL 2 comes with the 836 and that it supports 4K at 60fps(if Qualcomm is smart enough). Apple faithful, you finally have your first. Please don’t let it go to your head.

  • Sean-Paul

    Until Apple allows SD card support and not using iTunes, I’ll gladly be sticking with any other phone. Happy right now with my S8 so yeah let’s see what happens in 2 years. Definitely won’t hold my breath that Apple would ever allow such user freedom.

    • Felix

      What do you need iTunes for exactly?

    • Sean-Paul

      As I don’t use music streaming services I would have to use it for synching my music.

    • Mr Dog

      SD Card will never show up.
      The speeds alone are so crippling

    • Andrew Holt

      SD cards might be slower, but for storing music and pictures etc, the speed to access doesn’t come into play as a hindrance. I love that my music and pictures don’t take space away from my installed apps.

    • Orage42

      I jumped from years of Android to an iPhone last year and used iTunes exactly zero times. Not sure why people still list this as a reason.

      SD cards, well, it’s personal but with cloud storage and the way Apple manages storage I’ve never had to deal with it (and only have a 32gb version).

    • John Lofwire

      I have 30 gb of mp3 that i grabbed from cd using an app.
      I should instead waste monthly bandwith to stream? or pay a monthly fee to save those stream for offline usage?

      another one who think the needs they have fit everyone else needs.

    • Orage42

      What? I did say SD cards and storage was a personal thing.. my needs are obviously not everyone else’s..

    • Why do people still assume you need iTunes to use an iPhone? At this point, the only thing you need iTunes for is physical music syncing and restoring firmware yourself. If you stream music from a place like Spotify, you may never see iTunes.

      I’m reminded of the people who insist that they won’t get a Mac because they still think it doesn’t run Office. It’s basing your perception of Apple on something you heard off-hand several years ago and never checked on to see if it was true.

    • Sean-Paul

      I don’t use Spotify. It works for you which is fine but it doesn’t work for me as I would have to use iTunes which I will never. And I used to be blindly into Apple like you before I stopped after the 6 as I couldn’t justify upgrading every year for minimal changes. Hell I remember I upgraded just for Siri. Now that choice on me was stupid.

    • I’m not blindly into Apple… if you saw my desk you’d realize how off that is. I use a lot of Apple gear, but I’m fine with Android, Windows and other platforms. I just have a beef when people trot out inaccurate claims, especially when it’s based on assumptions you know haven’t been true for years (if ever).

    • John Lofwire

      and what about my 30 gb of mp3 i grabbed from my old cd using an app on my computer?
      Not everyone have unlimited data plans or want to waste money on bigger plan just to stream music ( or monthly fee to be able to save music offline from those streaming service )

      I’m reminded of the people who insist that there own need is the only need that exist…

      We do not have all same needs!

    • Oh, I’m not assuming that everyone is like me. I’m just noting that the technical requirement to use iTunes ended several years ago, and that at least some people never need to launch it.

  • Nick

    In the marketing world, I would say hats off to Apple for retaining the iPhone SE, 6s, 7. Plus adding the iPhone X as the range topping halo iPhone.

    Now, its easier for non-iphone users to switch to the iPhone family(and Apple Ecosystem) as the cheapest iPhone SE is just $469CAD and is a very capable phone with 4K camera recording. While the 6s now at $599 and the 7 at $739.

    The pricing is aggressive for the SE,6s and 7 considering that new iOS will be out soon and Apple provides the best customer support, hardware support and software support.

    My family use to have android from SONY and Samsung but it seems that the software support, security patch and hardware support is not at par with Apple.

    • h2oflyer

      My wife will never give up her SE, thinks the size is just perfect. I prefer Android, but am impressed with software support and updates she gets on her phone.

    • Nick

      I agree!

    • John Lofwire

      Been using android for years (nearly 8 years ) and the software support is amazing ( you can get app for everything you need and even older android version can run 99% of all app thanks to API update from google directly )

      as for security there is tons of very good security software available on android. ( btw on apple iOS there is as many security flaw you just dont ear about it as the dev are not allowed to inform anyone beside apple until the security hole is patched so… false sense of security.. )

      As for pricing at 468 CAD you can get phone that have better camera , better battery , better screen ect. ( i do admit the SOC is pretty good but that its )

    • Sunny Lee

      Alright, come on… Now you have to be just trolling, or have absolutely no knowledge of anything technical. “iOS there is as many security flaw”? I don’t know whether to laugh or be sad. And as for the dev, are you talking about that one single person who uploaded his vulnerable software and planned to make a presentation *before* letting Apple know? You do realize that devs get banned from Google’s Play Store as well for uploading vulnerable software, right? Please stop talking about subjects you don’t know, I’m begging you.

    • John Lofwire

      The same security hole called stage fright existed in iOS since years and was patched at iOS 10. Go look at security hole repository its written black on white.

      Tired of apple troll starting to block them now.

    • Nick

      Yeah, I agree with that “false sense of security”. I got disappointed by my old Samsung and Sony phones because some of them were stuck on android 5.1 and no more updates after that. Also, my carrier is a pain when sending them phones for repair. takes 2-4 weeks sometimes until I get my family’s phone back.

  • Smanny

    The iPhone 8 and 8 plus are definitely not much of an upgrade from the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Glass back, wireless charging, quick charging, and the new SoC is definitely not worth an upgrade from an iPhone 7/7+ to the 8/8+.

    The only one I am interested in is the iPhone X, because that one has a lot of new things that were never on any iPhone. A number of those features were on Android devices for years. It’s nice to see Apple catching up on some things.

    The major deterrent I really don’t like is the price of the iPhone X. Plus I am wondering about some of the new software features like facial recognition, and how often does it fail? I am also interested in their ARkit.

    • ciderrules

      Why do people always compare the previous gen phone and say it’s not much on an upgrade? You should be comparing the 8 to a 6 or 6S, since most people keep their phones for 2-3 years. The 8 is a huge upgrade to those people. Only us hardcore techies upgrade every year.

    • Garrett Cooper

      Is the 8 really that significant of an upgrade over the 6/6s for the common consumer though? My gf is done her contract this fall, she’ll likely either get a free 7, or keep her 6 and go get a better plan.

    • Shawn Kent

      Some of us upgrade a couple times a year lol

    • Stephen_81

      I stopped keeping track of what I spend on phones in a year. I’d probably start crying, and have to buy a phone to feel better.

    • Smanny

      It’s still not much of an upgrade from the 6s to the 8. There is more of an upgrade from the 6 to the 8. Like 3d touch, 2 GB of RAM instead of 1 GB of ram on the iPhone 6, the camera is better on the 8, and the base storage is now 64 GB. If you have the 16 GB iPhone 6, then it’s worth it to upgrade to almost anything, especially since iOS 11 has grown significantly, so 16 GB of storage doesn’t cut it in 2017.

  • Andrew Holt

    This isn’t just regarding Apple, but these flagship smartphone prices of 2017 aren’t sustainable. I see people holding onto their phones for longer now, and definitely not upgrading on a yearly basis anymore. That will create falling demand, and thus in theory should lower smartphone prices in coming years. Technology is supposed to get cheaper anyway.

    • Sk0ly

      If there is one thing we know about Apple, it’s that they will test the limits when it comes to gouging their customers. Let’s not forget the Apple watch edition. I think this might have gone too far. People can’t possibly be dumb enough to buy this thing when you can get really nice phones that do everything this does for significantly less. For example, I know more people who have recently bought OnePlus 5’s than any other phone. Peele are sick of the gouging

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      I’m not sure they are sick of gouging at all. If you look at the poll the 2nd top pick is iPhone X. Samsung and Apple the two titans in the industry keep rat hint prices higher. And there’s no excuse in Canada this time since the exchange rate has moved slightly in our favour.

      There’s large swath of credit addicted morons that just get an expensive phone on a 2 year and don’t think of the cost. We live in a time of credit culture.

      That said there’s huge opportunities for companies somehow managing to make quality top end phones at the $600 level.

    • Shawn Kent

      I agree I think they may have jumped the shark on iPhone x pricing

    • h2oflyer

      Just opening the door for more competition which is good. Be thankful the phone guys haven’t colluded like the carriers.

  • The Finder

    lol finally an article called “Poll: insert title” has a poll in it.

  • The Finder

    lol finally an article called “Poll: insert title” has a poll in it. Thanks for listening to our suggestions.

  • Christine

    What do these new iPhones do that the older iPhones can’t do? What justifies these crazy prices?.. Maybe if I have iPhone 5 or 5c I would upgrade.. But that’s still crazy prices..

    • The screen size is the big thing on the iPhone X, but there’s also wireless charging, the improved cameras (especially on the 8 Plus and X), displays with wider color ranges and True Tone, a faster processor, more built-in storage… you get the idea.

    • John Lofwire

      All thing you can get at lower price… nice.

    • Not really. Let me know when the Note 8 has a True Tone display and the performance of the iPhone 8/X and then we can compare!

      And that’s not to dismiss the quality of a phone like the Note 8. It has a higher-res display, some extra camera tricks and, of course, that pen. But remember, for many people the biggest reason to buy the iPhone X is because all those features I mentioned are coming to iOS. It doesn’t matter if an Android phone will cook you breakfast in the morning if you don’t like Android.

    • John Lofwire

      True tone display is a branding lol isheep are really in need for a reality check. The oled panel used is Samsung made same tech used in note 8 at best and possibly last year tech as Samsung usually keep the latest for themselves.

      As for performance its quite irrelevent in day to day performance. Flag ship phone can all easily do anything you trow at them with no lag.

      Agreed about those stuff finally coming to iOS. That what happen when only one oem use an OS its quite slow down innovation as no one compete with you with that os.

    • Well, True Tone doesn’t have an equivalent on Android, does it? (No, Samsung’s adaptive display doesn’t count.) And it’s gotta be cutting-edge Samsung tech, since it supports HDR… I’m not very picky about who makes a panel so long as it’s done well.

      Faster chips are not about what you can do right this second, it’s about potential. Would you rather hope that your phone will be good enough for an app or feature two years down the road, or know that it’ll be good enough?

      Apple isn’t always innovative, but if you think Apple is being slow because there’s no competition… er, no. It has to compete against all of Android. There are some areas where it lags, but there are other areas where it’s ahead, like certain aspects of dual camera use (guess what prompted Samsung to include dual cams in the Note 8?) and Face ID. The point was simply that many iPhone users choose it because they prefer iOS, and hardware features only matter to some degree.

    • John Lofwire

      True tone is basically auto white balance rebranded lol. Quite useless. Will see how the screen will compare.

      Hdr is nothing special cheap tv even have it now.

      My two years old s6 that I still have lying around do not slow down and can easily run any app. With limited ram after 3 4 years that iphone will be obsolete like older iphone are quite slow now.

      Let me clarify.
      If Apple would licence iOS to others oem its would need to be much more competitive on both hardware price and features you cannot deny that.

    • Sunny Lee

      If you want to see true tone work, just check out an iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, or 12.9. I’m not even sure what you mean by “auto white balance rebranded”, since “auto white balance” is not even a term for screens, but I can’t think of one phone that has it. By the way it’s not the same thing as things like f.lux that adjusts based on the time of day, it adapts based on current lighting using sensors.

      The more I read your comments, the more I feel like I’m just typing to a brick wall. Yeah, cheap TV’s have HDR. Do you not realize that it’s more difficult to cram technology into a smaller screen that runs off a battery? That’s like saying “wtf 4K display no big deal my TV had it 5 years ago”. Jesus christ.

    • John Lofwire

      Ipad pro screen is not bad but its nothing magical.

      Hdr is a software trick à screen with hdr do not use more power same for a 4k screen its the soc itself that will use more power but newer soc are more and more optimized.

      As for true tone that exactly what I said its an auto white balance using sensor its nothing special an iPad pro versus latest amoled tablet like Samsung s3 screen look a lots better.

      But as I said Friday I will see a demo phone I can use to test and show clients when I go visit them (business to business) I will compare and see using identical pictures on diferent5 devices see how its screen hold up.

      You seem like the brick wall. You seem to think apple is king when its not the reality (besides its marketing gimmick for that apple is king and make lots of money thanks to this)

    • Pardon the belated reply, but gotta set the record straight, because there are some straight-up misconceptions here.

      First: True Tone is auto white balance, but it also needs an upgraded ambient light sensor. You can’t just slap this into your existing phone through a software update, at least not the way this works.

      Also: HDR has been around on TVs for a while, but it’s much newer on mobile. Samsung didn’t have it until the S8, for example.

      And you’re flat-out wrong on RAM. Android and iOS have very different approaches to memory. Android caches very aggressively and has a fair amount of overhead, especially if you have a quad HD display, so you need that extra memory. iOS is pretty lean… yeah, it sucks a bit that there’s no quad HD (although I still have to laugh at Samsung running the S8 at 1080p by default), but that also helps the iPhone get away with 3GB of RAM while still caching a lot in memory.

      Also, it ain’t true that all (or even most) older iOS devices slow down. My original iPad Air, with 1GB of RAM, was fast right up until I replaced it this year… that’s 4 years. And that has a higher screen resolution than all iPhones besides the X. So next time, how about speaking from experience rather than assumptions? That’d be great.

    • John Lofwire

      Its still a white balance right? Wich at the end of the day dont make it wow.

      Hdr is still old news and mostly a gimmick on such a small screen.

      iOs device cheat on the ram side as its do not have real multitasking (its freeze the app and then save that memory to the device itself) so basically this explain the lesser ram usages its still dont change the fact that limited ram is one of the reason iphones and ipad slow down after 3 major os update as well as why often os update on idevice do not have all the features.

      Your first gen iPad example is a joke at best that crap is super slow hell even my ipad air 2 lag like a *****.

      You are funny I work business to business level for a carrier and what I explain is first hand experience with many clients not only my own personal experience. So let me make it simple for you and block you as I am tired of wasting time with liar apple lover.

    • Michael

      For me (I still have an iPhone 6) it will be the improved camera, wireless charging, and the bump to 64GB in storage. I held off on getting a 7 for many of the same reasons most people are not jumping from a 7 to an 8 or X.

    • John Lofwire

      You do know you can get all what you said for easy half the price of that iphone?

    • Michael

      Yup. if only I could convince everyone else I know (except for 2 people) to use a messaging service other than Messages. Trying to switch to an Android phone is just not worth the hassle in my life. My wife, parents, friends etc. all are on Apple devices and trying to get them to share images somewhere other than Photos is annoying too. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.

    • John Lofwire

      i have several friend using iphone and they still receive my text messages lol

      as for pictures well my wife as an iphone 7 128 gb jetblack.
      I have a LG G6.

      When i take a picture its get sync to the cloud and she can easily see it.
      I can also share a link to a picture or an album.
      And my cloud storage is unlimited not 5 gb only..

      Its quite easy its not like 5 years ago.
      now Apple device can play ball with non apple device 😉

  • GaDgEtMoN

    Where is the higher spec smaller version? Having to carry around a huge phone to get the better screen and camera set up is a huge turn. I had the 7+ and now use a 7, I much prefer the smaller form factor for my usage.

    • Shawn Kent

      Sadly you’re the minority, you should wait and see if the iPhone x is the right balance since they’ve shrunk the bezels

    • Stephen_81

      When you look at the footprint of the iPhone X, it is closer in physical size to the iPhone 7 vs the iPhone 7+ just the screen is bigger because of less bezel.

  • Canadiana Jones

    LOL at the results.

  • Dimitri

    So $1,513 for the 256GB model + $249 AppleCare+ + $50 for a case and screen protector = $1,812 before tax.

    With taxes it will round up to $2,047 for the phone, AppleCare+ and a case with screen protector. Are people actually going to give $2,000 for a phone? Crazy.

    Even the 64GB model will be near that amount with taxes and all.

    • Shawn Kent

      Subtract AppleCare that’s not worth it

    • Rawrrr

      Removing apple care would still be enough to pay my mortgage LOL

    • Sunny Lee

      …Your morgage is $249?

    • Rawrrr

      Lol other way around.. $1812-249 lol

  • Whome

    There is no way I would buy any phone at this price point.

    • Shawn Kent

      For the same money you could buy a good 4K tv or front loading washing machine, there’s no way that makes sense

    • John Lofwire

      Yeah got a 65 inch vizio doe 1300$ lol

  • Mario Gaucher

    I answered no…
    But I will see maybe the iPhone X when my contract is up to renewal in March.
    It really depends if the reviews are good…
    i won’t upgrade to the iPhone 8 (I have an iPhone 7)… but X is tempting if everything works well (main would be faceid)

    • Shawn Kent

      So you should have voted unsure

    • Mario Gaucher

      I’m more on the “no” side…
      but I will consider it if reviews are really good.

    • Shawn Kent

      Fair enough but I’d put money on reviews saying “phenomenal hardware and software crippled by prohibitive pricing”

    • John Lofwire

      I wait on real user review..
      tech review website are too often paid for positive review..

  • Shawn Kent

    One thing you have to admit is that apple really does have a phone for every budget. iPhone se to iPhone x. Before everyone gets angry consider a car company that has models from 15k all the way to 70k depending on the model. It’s all about balancing choice with budget.

    • John Lofwire

      are you on drug?

      you can get much better device at lower cost from others OEM.

      Having phone from 100$ to 1000$ that what i call phone for every budget.

      Iphone minimal price is like 500 CAD for an iphone 6 32 gb lol.

    • Shawn Kent

      Unless you’re on drugs you should be able to afford a $500 phone smhl

    • John Lofwire

      i change phone every 6 months or less lol and buy them full price.

      Its not a question to be able to afford it.
      Its a question that i want the max i can get for my money and in my eye a logo on a piece of glass and metal do not make it worth more.

      So i repeat it.. if you think 500 cad to 1500 cad phone is a phone for all budget then you are on drug.
      many ppl will be fine with a sub 200$ phone ( full price ) and Apple dont offer that.

    • Shawn Kent

      Ok let me clarify Unless you have an expensive crack habit 500$ for a phone ain’t bad

    • John Lofwire

      Some ppl have 700$ pay per 2 weeks.

      if you have a 750$ rent.
      a car
      a girl or a boy (clothing school ect )

      Sorry but you do not have enuf money to buy something so expensive and if you take it under contract you stuck paying more monthly.

      So you just proven to me that you make no sens and cannot see reality as it is.

    • Shawn Kent

      Well.. ya if your that poor an iPhone is a luxury I’ll agree with that. But in general there is a price point for I would imagine the majority of people choosing an iPhone so long as you don’t need the latest greatest editions

    • John Lofwire

      The issue is for 250-300$ you can get a device that will be on par or superior to the iphone SE ( its might not have the same horse power but at that price range its will still be as good for camera , better screen . better battery life ect )

      if what you say would be the reality then why apple market share is so low worldwide? 😉

    • Sunny Lee

      Um… what do you mean Apple’s market share is so low worldwide? They’re the second highest globally.

      Also, by my knowledge I can’t think of any phone with a better camera, better screen, better battery life than a iPhone SE at $250-$300. Could you name a single phone?That’s not even accounting for the “horse power”, which by the way I like how you said “it might not have the same horse power” when that’s a pretty significant portion of the cost. Unless you’re talking about a off-brand Chinese phone, but then we’re entering a whole new territory.

      Also, to your other comment, have you seen a phone contract lately? You can easily subsidize a $500 phone for $140, and pay the $360 during your term without paying any extra money monthly. And the plans are identical to the BYOD plans, except the subsidized portion that you pay monthly.

      So… to summarize, if you don’t have $140 for a smartphone and have a steady income to pay the extra $15 a month, then your life needs some serious adjustment. Also, please check your facts, they’re very wrong. Though judging by your other comments, I’m expecting a rebuttal of equal or greater amount of incorrect facts.

    • John Lofwire

      IOS has less than 18% world wide market share.

      I dont care about the sales of 1 model of phone.

      Iphone SE is sold between 500 and 600$ in canada you dumbnut for a few bucks more I have the one plus 5 who has a better screen. Camera is also superior as well as battery life lol I can also get a brand new lg g5 around 500$ that again beat the se easily.

      Your fact are crap as well as the way you act must be one of the apple troll alt account here blocked ya.

  • Shawn Kent

    So here’s my view on fall releases note 8 too expensive for such a small upgrade over s8+. V30 best all rounder but release plans very questionable. iPhone x cool but tooo expensive. Essential phone not good enough wait for version 2. Which leave pixel 2 that last great hope for the year!

  • Stephen_81

    I put unsure.

    I am with Rogers, who wont be carrying the Apple Watch 3, and if I get the iPhone X, I’d get an Apple watch 3 with it to embrace the ecosystem and connectivity.
    Pricepoint isn’t really my deciding factor since I’m also considering the Note 8, which is the same price point.
    I like the gestures introduced on the iPhone X, they remind me of BlackBerry10 which is still my favourite OS.

    I’m glad I have until November to think about it, this will hopefully hold me off buying a Note 8 at launch, maybe getting a price reduced one on a Christmas sale if I decide against the iPhone X.

    I guess pricepoint is a factor… I’d buy both if they were both under the $900 mark… like in the days I’d buy all the BlackBerry devices as they released.

  • Rawrrr

    Um, won’t be getting 8 or X. Not much changed for the 8 and X mark up price is way too much. How do all these manufactures figure out how to price their devices? 1k for a phone..? Wtf.. Waiting on Pixel 2 or even the rumored Nokias.

    • Sean McConnell

      Exactly! You can buy a nice washer and dryer pair for $1300 or the base model iPhone X. I miss the days of true Nexus devices. Nexus 4 for $299 CDN…

    • Rawrrr

      Sad times

  • ciderrules

    Did this poll at work in my department (21 engineers and technicians). 4 have Samsung Galaxy/Note, 1 has a Pixel and 1 stubborn guy on a BB.

    Of the 15 iPhone users 5 of us are getting the iPhone X for sure, a couple on the fence and the rest aren’t upgrading this year. The numbers are actually higher than I thought. Several friends with iPhones I know are also getting the iPhone X. I don’t think the price is scaring away as many people as you’d think. Hell, I paid $1309 for my 7 Plus 256GB. The X isn’t really that much more.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    All OEMs are in business to make money. And yes the iPhone X looks impressive, sadly they did not considered just skipping the 8+ and go from 8 to X cause the main difference are those camera features (not counting on the screen size). iPhone have always impress with what they can do with their camera, but I do not take their word for it nor do I believe on those pictures send to the “shot on iPhone” campaign. Those photos are all taken by experts in photography, and those are not the real base users on the device.

    I was sad when they were presenting the X that day and they announced the A11 Bionic, everyone clapped at the name but when the guy explained what it entailed (the most important for me) they seem not to know what those features were or what for.

    Either way we all know that the X will sell, there is a market for it but is sure not for everyone or you average Joe. Anyone getting the X or any phone only for the looks will eventually make the wrong choice.

    Some people complain about the prices of the phones these days and you are probably right. But do not base your opinion on those reports of “how much it cost to make” reports based on components price. There is a lot of R&D that goes into these phones and that and so many other costs have to be accounted for as well.