Apple Canada drops prices for iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


  • Ghenosis

    6, 6s, 7, 8…… 8………………X. Apple Canada marketing seems more fragmented than ever before. Let me fix it for us all who use this ecosystem: SE, 8/8P, and X. Looking at 8 with the X coming out next month feels like a last gen product. Price the 8/8P at the price of a discounted 7/7P and leave the SE around the $400 mark.

    Personally I would have like to see updated internal specs for the SE since that’s where my use of iOS lies. My SE 32GB runs fantastic with iOS 11. Smooth as butter and battery still blows my mind (1624mAh). 2 days moderate use. I see no need to kill my wallet past this product.

    My Galaxy S8+ is my daily driver with my SE with me all the time. I feel Android devices have a higher value for me past the $500/CA price point and I have what I feel to be Apple’s best valued phone (SE) with me so I’m not missing out on the ecosystem.

    Okay my rant has been all over the place. Nuff said.

    • BobM

      I agree with you, the SE is apple’s best value product probably ever. Such great performance and design, and given the lower res screen will probably run even better than the 6s on new iOS versions.

      I don’t think the marketing is fragmented though. I think apple realizes that they need to sell a greater variety of iphones at different price points in order to grow/maintain their ecosystem. I think the iphone’s greatest selling point is the simplicity/stability/quality of its user experience and the variety of phones alleviate a little bit the problem of hardware diversity.

      that said, my next phone will probably be an android, as I’m a techier person and I agree with you about the value at the flagship level. Just more you can do with ur phone in the end.

    • Ghenosis

      I feel like the 6/6P to 8/8P feature wise doesn’t justify continuing the older products. The only real difference is screen size and dual 2x camera…… two features to keep on 6 products under the 8’s isn’t necessary. Take away the 6 and between the 6s and 8, you won’t notice a performance leap to appreciate the price differences.

      Side note, the iPhone SE with CarPlay. Extends my opinion of value even more.

    • Nick

      It brilliant for Apple actually. People can now get into the ecosystem and have that apple experience and 4k video capabilities on a $469CAD iPhone. Also the software and hardware support of Apple is excellent by far. I have an old iPhone 5s that I use as a back up and it still has the latest iOS and does not feel slow by any means. and its 4 years old.

      $469 for the SE, $599 for the 6s and $739 for the 7. I think has very good value especially if you plan to just buy the phone out and not sign up with the big three. Also, if you own a Mac, having an iOS device makes everything easier.

      Spec wise Android phones may have better hardware but what disappoints me in Android is that the software updates takes months or years and the hardware servicing is not at par with Apple. The repairs has to be done with my carrier. If Its an iPhone, I can just drop it off at any Apple Store. but with Sony and Samsung, ha. I will have to contact Bell, Rogers and Telus before I can have my phone fixed and It takes a very long time.

    • Sean Metivier

      While certainly not true of all, some android phones are really easy to repair or can be repaired pretty cheaply by third party. Even third party iphone/ipad repair fees were super high (had iPad Mini 3 screen crack).

    • Batman

      One of the main reasons fixing an android is much more expensive than an iPhone was the screen. OLEDs are MUCH more expensive than what apple uses in their current devices, the X aside. Watch out for the cost of a screen for the X, going to be worth getting applecare, regardless of the cost.

  • Alex

    ya, more tempted to get the iphons SE atm… i tested it side by side with an iphone 7 plus before and its faster at opening most things…. The iphone 8 just doesn’t feel like a real upgrade… considering the X is right there… and i dont want to buy a product from iphone where it just introduced ‘new features’ cause the first gen of those products tend to suck… or get replaced by a much better product pretty quickly. (i bought the ipad 3rd gen, and macbook retina first gen)

    • Mo Dabbas

      Ya. Ipad 3rd gen was a flop. The processor wasn’t designed to handle double the resolution of the ipad 2 and performance is the worst I’ve ever seen on an iPad.

  • Trmist

    The base iPhone 7 with 64 GB of storage is $ 549 US and $739 CAD. With the official fx rate at 21% the price in Canada should be $664. Like so many consumer goods it is better for Canadians too buy in the US but for most not worth the effort to save $75. The phones are nice but very pricey. My iPad Pro has made the smartphone a bit redundant. My five year iPhone 5 is getting to the end of its life so a replacement is needed. I wonder if prices in Canada will come down if our dollar continues to strengthen?

  • Vince

    So if I buy the iphone from apple store, it will be unlocked version by default?

    • Mo Dabbas

      Yes. Unless you buy it there while signing a contract with a carrier which apple store does for you.