Google’s Dave Burke teases limited edition Android-themed Oreos

Don't play with our hearts (and stomachs), Dave

Android Oreo

While most Android users were excited for Oreo because of the update’s new features and enhancements, we here at MobileSyrup couldn’t wait for 8.0 for altogether different reasons.

As we all know in our hearts and minds, prior to Oreo, KitKat was the best version of Android (please don’t fight us on this).

Android KitKat statue in Mountain View

The reason for that is very simple: as the last major Android tie-in to a major sweet-brand, 4.4 brought with it limited edition KitKat bars.

Nestlé produced 50 million Android-branded KitKat bars, shipping them to 19 countries around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S. The bars were made to look like Android’s iconic mascot and were, by all accounts, delicious.

The bars came in packaging that directed consumers to visit android.com/kitkat on their web browser. While there, they could learn more about the operating system and enter a contest to win a variety of prizes, including a limited edition Nexus 7 tablet.

Android KitKat chocolate bars

Now it appears Google is preparing to do something similar in celebration of the launch of Android 8.0. In a tweet sent out yesterday, Dave Burke, Android vice-president of engineering, shared an image of a limited edition Android-theme Oreo cookie.

“Just ate it,” he says in the tweet. “Hope it wasn’t limited edition.”

The cookie features Android’s mascot on its top face and what looks like a green coloured creme layer.

We’ll keep you posted if Google decides to go through with limited edition Android Oreos. Until then, stay hungry.

Android KitKat images courtesy of The Inspiration Room.

Source: Twitter