Samsung teaser hints at Galaxy Note 8 capabilities



  • gremlin0007

    Dual sim being launched in Europe. Any idea if the forgotten colonies of Canada will get it?

    • Dimitri

      You won’t see the dual sim card option here in Canada.

    • gremlin0007

      That’s so garbage. I’m planning to get the note 8 full price anyways since I’m stuck in a 2 year plan with an S7 Edge because of the Note 7 sh**storm.

    • Jason

      I heavily believe Robelus lobbies manufactures to not bring dual SIM to Canada. I have a dual SIM for my business/personal and the only phones I can find in stores are value to midrange devices that are not any of the big names, only Acer, Asus, Sony, and a few China brands. It really sucks because I want something with some power and usually all I can find are low end processors and 2gb ram

    • Phil

      I really can’t believe that crtc leaves the decision in the big 3 hands while so many needs the dual sim phones, but these guys are controlling the market.
      I ended up getting oneplus 5 for the dual sim functionality, it’s working ok with some constraints, but really Samsung has dual sims for so long but we can’t get it here.