Canadians would give up distracted driving for money: survey


  • gremlin0007

    Monetary incentive should be “not getting a ticket”… or their lives, you know, whatever is worth more for them I guess…

  • Anonymous Agent

    I could see an insurance company offering up to 50-60% insurance discount if drivers would install a breathalyzer system in their vehicles and blow into a device and if you have 0% alcohol car starts. And also have a fatigue test system in place to make sure your not fatigued before car starts. And also have a smartphone lock switch before car can be placed into drive or reverse which the smartphone automatically switches to airplane mode so can’t receive to send calls or texts but only 911 works only as a emergency only option. and also not able to play any sort of videos while driving either. This would give more drivers an incentive not to drink and drive. And not drive while fatigued and not drive while using a device. This way would help our roads being more safe. I have no idea why vehicles don’t come with ignition systems preinstalled from the factory all these years already. Make all vehicles have smart ignition technology already installed on all vehicles for alcohol and fatigue analysis and smartphone shut downs automatically. No one should be able to drive even if you only had 1 drink. 1 drink is to many and drinking and driving is no tolerance. If your going to drink leave your car at home, take a taxi or call a friend to pick you up. That includes marijuana and any other drugs that puts you under influence as well.
    If your tired and fatigued don’t drive be smart better to call a taxi and be home safe and others being safe. And be smart turn your phone off before you start your vehicle and driving so you won’t be distracted. I’m sure your text or call isn’t more important than your life or the life of another person. You can simply turn your phone back on once your at your destination and you’ll be able to receive a voicemail message if you’ve missed a call or receive your texts soon as your phone turns on.

  • Jon Duke

    Oh hell no. Here’s what we’re going to do. If you text and drive, we take your car. Point blank.

    • Punishment is irrelevant if you don’t think you’re going to get caught. Catching people who use their phones while driving is excessively difficult, in some jurisdictions almost impossible.

      I like the insurance angle though, getting an immediate rebate on your monthly premiums is a much better incentive.

      But I have yet to see a mobile phone system that actually works. Every phone I’ve had included an automatic “driving mode” but they were totally carp and ultimately useless.

    • Jon Duke

      I guess. But if people lost their cars and licence when caught, the consequence would be big enough that the texters would probably calm down.

      I would like to think the insurance thing would work but the insurance companies would find a way to get that money back somewhere else and we’d get screwed.

    • h2oflyer

      They were able to ram through the license suspension and vehicle towing for impaired driving and racing…time to do it for texting.

  • Avgvstvs

    Getting a discount on insurance would be nice, but in Ontario – this is a joke. Ontarians pay the most for care car insurance in the country – it’s an absolute joke. It’s also the most populous and profitable for insurance companies – why would they give up that golden goose?

    What are you giving back to them to address a potential net loss in revenue for something that’s illegal anyways as defined by the HTA?

    • h2oflyer

      We probably have the highest number of aggressive ambulance chasers in the country. I’m sure this has a bearing on our high rates.

  • Brad Fortin

    I’m not sure how seriously I can take this survey. It’s like those ridiculous posts on social media that ask “would you give up your cell phone and live off-grid in this cosy-looking cabin for $1,000,000?” or “would you stay one night in this haunted house for $1,000,000?”, of course people are going to accept free money for trivial things.

  • h2oflyer

    First thing is to ban tinted side windows. Those texters that don’t hide behind dark windows have recognized the dangers of texting while driving and now clog intersections while texting at red lights….

    It would be relatively easy for auto makers to develop and install a device to record cell phone transmissions and have recorded data available through a plug in. The aviation, rail and trucking industry have just about all pilot and driver information recorded for regulatory and liability purposes. Most trucks now have insurance company mandated dash cams ( monetary incentive ).

    It’s time to add this to all vehicles, and probably time to include police/ emergency vehicles.