How to stop Google’s app from taking screenshots of your recent pages


  • Michael

    Can’t see this on my Marshmallow powered Nexus 5. Only applicable on Nougat, or with Assistant?

    • Omar

      AFAIK Google updates the app separately from Android OS. When you pull out the side menu, is there no ‘Recent’ option? It’s the first one for me (I do have Assistant, but am running Nougat).

    • Michael

      Yes – and now I’ve got it thanks.

      I guess the article succeeds in informing us of the issue, but fails as a “how to” tutorial, as the instructions differ depending on versions.

  • Omar

    To be honest I think I’m coming to a point where I’d rather pay for a subscription to Google’s apps than to let them track everything I do on my phone. It’ll never happen, they obviously make a lot more money off our information than they would off a subscription, but it’s annoying having to do so much to minimize Google’s data harvesting.

    That’s the nice thing about custom ROMs. You can choose what Google Apps are on your phone, if any (besides Google Play Services and a few crucial ones) and use third party apps to replace other Google bloatware. Oh well.

  • Pigs Can Fly

    My DTEK50 allows me to disable (freeze) apps, this was one of the first ones I disabled.

  • gommer strike

    uhhh why would Google think this would be a good idea? Taking screencaps is a great way to quickly fill up the storage. Oh well, we can trust that they aren’t transmitting this screenshot data to HQ right?