Google Opinions Rewards gets you Play Store credits for free [App of the Week]

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinions Rewards allows you to earn Google Play store credit in very minuscule amounts, building up your total until you have enough credits to purchase something in the Google Play Store.

The app has been available in Canada since 2014, though it’s likely you haven’t heard of the platform before (it doesn’t seem to be very popular). Rewards is one of my favourite apps because it requires only a small amount of your time and it can be quite lucrative if you use it consistently.

Google Opinions Rewards

The app, which is attached to your Android device’s Google account, asks questions that some users may find too personal. Initially when launching the app, Google Opinions Rewards tells you all your surveys will remain anonymous, but it does require you to input your address, as well as other introductory information.

Additionally Google Opinions Rewards utilizes your location history, collected by Google, and asks questions about the different places you’ve been to. For example, it asks you if you’ve been to McDonald’s or the movies recently, and then inquires what the service was like. It’s worth noting that the app will still function if your device’s location services are turned off.

Google Opinion Rewards

Some rewards might only amount to ten cents worth of credits, while others can be worth as much as two dollars. The rewards can also be easily accessed when you’re trying to buy something from the Play Store to use the money towards your purchase. Games, movies, books and other items on the Play Store can be purchased with the credits earned through Google Opinions Rewards.

While the surveys range in topics, I found they are mostly regarding locations you have travelled to recently and can get repetitive.

Google Opinion Rewards app can be downloaded for free on Android devices.


  • gmerrick

    I’ve gotten several 99c video rentals from google this way.

  • Beebs

    I’ve picked up $55 in store credit since the Reward program was introduced in Canada in 2014.

  • Mhee123D

    I think I’ve gotten about 10 bucks worth of credits from it. Every Small app I buy using google play, I get it back with Surveys.

  • thereasoner

    I buy songs with it usually, over $20 worth so far.

  • Adderbox76

    A combination of this and Book Bub keeps me in more ebooks than I can ever read.

  • Jonathan Potson

    Ive been using this app for over 2 years and collected $37.52 so far.

  • Luc Schots

    Not available for install in Belgium

  • Word

    $69.02 since April 2014. Easiest $70 I’ve ever earned, albeit the slowest

  • gommer strike

    Anecdotally speaking, the fastest way to earn the most possible rewards from Google Rewards is to be:

    – Female
    – Shopaholic-type consumer habits

    But before you rush to suddenly change your answers and attitude, not so fast. Google keeps track of all your responses and is known to ask the same question twice, just worded a little different. Unless you have some way of tracking all your answers, you will one day slip up and Google will be wise to it, asking you fewer and fewer questions and you’ll be earning less and less.

    The key is to not answer “no” to questions which ask if you’ve been here or so and so. The point is to figure out if the first question has a very good possibility of leading up to more questions, and answer accordingly. But you better be consistent, because if Google asks if you’re a Democrat one day and then the next week you answer Republican, it knows you’re untrustworthy.

    You do want to give it reasons to ask you more and more. Certain questions are “worth” more than others, but over the long haul the more questions you answer, the more you earn. So when it wants to know your income, answer 6 figures and it’ll whoa perfect candidate to see what you buy.