SyrupDrop Ep 1: Rogers is giving away 2GB of free data


  • Unorthodox

    Also in the news – MobileSyrup ruins it’s own website.

    • Not for you

      I bypass the home page by following the twitter account.

    • Unorthodox

      There’s mess at home page too? I was referring to the general layout problems. I jump to articles directly from Feedly.

    • Also in the news – Unorthodox doesn’t like change.

    • Dimitri

      Why not have a poll for the members to pick which change would be best? The home page is a mess like many have said and is not organized. I understand the importance of change on your side but the members on the site which use it daily should also have a opinion on this. Food for thought.

    • Unorthodox

      I don’t, when the change causes discomfort. Placing humongous RELATED ARTICLES between the article and feedback causes discomfort. Auto-appearing banner on top of the page causes discomfort.
      Changing something just for the sake of change is not what I like. Especially in IT industry – it needs to be thought through, and tested before the rollout.

      And I know it’s misleading, but my nickname is just a word play rather than my typical life position.