Amazon Canada fined $1 million for employing misleading pricing practices


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  • Homer J. Simpson

    Are people actually using the list price? The best deal to me is whichever is the cheapest, I don’t give a rats behind what the original price was as long as original is greater than current sale price.

    • Roger

      Exactly. But some people don’t really have the time and knowledge to compare and make the smart decisions.

  • TomsDisqusted

    Doesn’t everybody do that?

    I’m not saying it’s Ok, and I would be very happy if the competition bureau were able to end the practice, but I’ve always assumed that those ‘market prices’ were fake.

    • AGuy

      Same here, was easy to figure out they were inflated after comparing other online prices. I still shop on Amazon just make sure I compare to other sites as well.

    • Ich find dich Scheiße

      Everybody does it, but it is Amazon that gets punished. All of them show MSRP price (as if it’s the market price) and then show how their offer is below.

  • Orage42

    Let’s be honest here, the worst offender of this kind of practice is Canadian Tire.

    Anything at “regular price” is a rip-off
    40% off should be the actual regular price.
    70+ % you’re looking at actual deals.

    • ComebackKid777

      That does not really constitute as an offender just because their regular prices are rip-offs.
      When you see something on sale at $19.99 and the regular price is stated as $59.99 for example, if the product does indeed sell for $59.99 when it is not on sale, it is totally legit and not against the Competition Act.

    • The original maker sets the MSRP if you sell for less then that then it’s a deal. Just because everyone is selling at a lower price from the MSRP does not make it a rip off. It’s only a rip off of they are selling it for higher then the MSRP or using a price higher then the MSRP to show a better deal!

    • ComebackKid777

      Yeah exactly but I don’t think CT puts prices higher than msrp at least I don’t think they do. I think the majority of the times you see a big difference from their “regular” price and their sales price is on their Mastercraft products and since CT are the original maker they inflate the msrp making it seem like a huge deal. Not sure if that is against the act?

    • yeah great question. Is there a process for setting MSRP that is auditable? LOL when you make and sell the product that might be a little unfair if you get to set the MSRP 🙂

  • naviz

    Didn’t the CBC do a piece on this about Winners and other stores? The Winners price was made up, but this was actually from suppliers.

    • Chris Clarke

      Yes, virtually the same thing…I wrote a comment about it a few hours ago but included the link to CBC so I think it got filtered out…

    • KiwiBri

      You need to be a bit creative posting links so they don’t get filtered. Woukd be nice to reference that article

  • SmellyOaf

    I never buy from Amazon without checking price history timeline on camelizer

    • I do the exact same thing!

    • Bob Loblaw

      Also lightningdrops, though camel^3 seems to have more detailed tracking histories.

    • KiwiBri

      Camelizer, dang.. Gonna look that one up!

  • Mike R

    This website is about as organized as my underwear drawer.. Its a huge mess on a mobile device

  • Bob Loblaw

    Still waiting for Robellus to be fined for collusion and anti-competitive/oligopolistic practices.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Still waiting for an update to your law blog.

    • Bob Loblaw

      I’ve been very busy with work but you should check out Barry Zuckerkorn’s blog. He’s very good.

  • Benjamin Lehto

    Fining a multi-billion dollar company 1 million. Hmmm. How about fining these mega corps an amount that isn’t an afterthought for them?

  • Unorthodox

    I’m a frequent at Winners, and very often see items with a “discounted” price, which is higher than the price of an item, let’s say at Sears.
    My point is – it is really hard to implement, the policy for lack of which the Competition Bureau just fined Amazon. You literally have to have an army of people that monitor everybody’s stores and offers, both online and printed, and update all the price tags according to today’s deals. Is it not THE SHOPPER’s responsibility? As a shopaholic I swear it is.

  • Stephen_81

    I assume you’ve compared the tariffs of the products at the same time you factor in the difference between US dollars? Canada and the US have different tariffs on items entering and businesses have to pay those on the goods they sell, coupled with higher business costs associated in Canada, especially packaging rules!

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