Google’s new Chromecast games use your smartphone as a controller

Google is hoping to bring your family boardgames night into the digital age with a host of new Chromecast games that will allow you to take your Scrabble to the next level.

The search giant today announced the availability of a bunch of new titles that will allow multiplayer gaming using your smartphone or tablet as a second screen or controller (depending on the game). This means anyone can play with their phone or tablet, and you don’t have to worry about running out of controllers if you’re trying to include more people.

This includes classics like the aforementioned Scrabble (technically it’s Scrabble Blitz) as well as Monopoly Dash, Connect Four Quads, and Simon Swipe.  There’s also more modern games like Just Dance Now, and Big Web Quiz and Wheel of Fortune for the game show fans.

How your phone factors in depends on the game. Scrabble Blitz will presumably show you your tiles on your screen while the board is cast to the TV, but Google notes that Just Dance Now makes things a bit more physical and your phone can tell if you’re “fist pumping high or shaking your hands down low.”

Check out the new apps over on chromecast.com/apps.