HP to launch Android-powered Slate 14 laptop


  • Alan Paone

    The Gmail app for tablets is the best email client out there, so this might not totally suck. HP do have a lot of other ways to screw it up though

    • MXM4K

      I would kill for the tablet Gmail app to have a PC equivalent. It’s just so good.

    • MXM4K

      BlueStacks App Player + Gmail = Not bad at all!

    • Alan Paone

      The Offline Gmail webapp comes closer than anything I’ve tried

    • MXM4K

      Woah, thank a bunch for that tip. I love the look of that app.

  • awhite2600

    Choice is good. However, I can’t understand the need for an Android laptop. Consumers now have to consider Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS (iPad), Android tablets, Chromebooks and now Android laptops.

    • Columbo

      It makes sense for HP – of all the options you listed this is the only OS that’s free for them to use, meaning their only real cost is hardware. If it’s a hit, it’ll prove to be a great business model. If it fails, it probably won’t hurt them all that much.

    • Jason Ivany

      Chrome OS and other Linux distributions are free to use. Apple OSes are exclusive to Apple hardware so that just leaves Windows as the only OS with a license fee that HP or other PC makers use.

  • MXM4K

    Looks cool to me. Not sure how useful it would be to me anymore, but if this sports amazing battery life, then I could totally see college/university students using this for long days at school. My old Asus Transformer TF101 was the perfect companion while I was in school.

    • JTon

      MS Office is pretty much required for a student (unfortunately). Sure you can get by with alterantives that convert Office files… but it’s imperfect and it’s a hassle. Also, you’ll get burned if you have to use any legacy software which some classes inevitably force on to you, since it’ll only run on Windows or bootcamp.

    • Joseph

      You can get office 360 for android so that is not problem anymore

    • MXM4K

      That’s why I also had a laptop when windows was required, but I’d almost never bring it to school. The transformer was my daily driver for note taking and all the other internet tasks.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    I will not say OEMs are moving away of Windows God knows that won’t happen for a long time, they are just adding variety to their offer and diversifying their products offerings.

  • PT

    The big question is … how much?

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