High-end Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime rumoured to launch in June


  • talarico

    Yeah…..I’ll believe when I see it.

    If it does in fact ring true, how friggin’ expensive will that device be? The current S5 is already ridiculously overpriced.

    • monsterduc1000

      The current iPhones are ridiculously overpriced…

    • talarico

      No argument from me on that.
      I completely agree. It’s one (of a few) of the reasons I don’t own an iPhone.

    • alphs22

      One does not negate the other.

    • monsterduc1000

      No, but $730 for the s5 (removable battery, best 5 inch screen on the market, expandable storage, better camera, etc…) is a much better price than $720 for the 5s (which only has a better fingerprint scanner, which I find is ridiculous as it`s a good way for you to give up your fingerprint to a company)

    • alphs22

      One of those people who only buy for specs, I see.

      Some people prefer iOS. Some people want Apple’s superior app ecosystem. Some people want removable batteries. Some people want a 5″ screen. Some people want a 4″ screen. Some people want timely OS updates 2-3 years after release. Some people prefer Android. Some people care about expandable storage. Etc.

      Not every one makes decisions solely on specs. You should know this by now with the continued success of iPhones and phones like Moto X.

      In the end, boatloads of people choose the iPhone over the Galaxy S line, and vice versa. I wouldn’t pay $700+ for any phone outright, and most people don’t either.

    • Richard Shin

      Actually most people buy the iPhone/phones on general by marketing aesthetics and what their friends and family buy. Yeah some actually look at the app ecosystem, etc., but how many average users really look at those things? Yeah…

    • alphs22

      “Actually most people buy the iPhone/phones on general by marketing aesthetics and what their friends and family buy.”

      Any facts to back up your statement?

    • monsterduc1000

      Are you sure it isn’t specs he needs to back that up?

    • alphs22

      Lol. I see I’m arguing with a 12 year old.

    • monsterduc1000

      Top notch comeback. Smart as a whip. I might need some specs on that comment though.

    • alphs22

      Already tried to reply to your childish rants with reason, clearly that didn’t work.

    • monsterduc1000

      You started with insults, not reason. Just as you don’t seem to know the difference between specs and facts, it’s obvious you don’t know the difference between reason and insults either.

    • alphs22

      You realize that some thing can be a specification to an object, while also being a fact?

      5″ screen, removable battery, expandable storage. Those are things you find on the S5 spec sheet. You call them “facts”? Are they not specs as well? Lol.

      Maybe if you used your brain a little I wouldn’t have to use insults. Yet here we are.

    • monsterduc1000

      True enough that specs can be facts, but the way you preach about advantages and such relay no facts at all. At least in your other post you added since proof instead of just spouting off.

    • Richard

      I’m sorry but in what world do you live in? How else do you think brands of phones become randomly popular? Even the s3 gained popularity through marketing and friends. Not sure if you’re a lonely man or if you’re from another world?

    • Jakob

      A lot do.

    • Richard

      It’s funny if you think marketing had only a small boost in iPhone sales.

    • monsterduc1000

      This isn’t just specs, these are facts. Side by side pictures show the camera is better on the s5, not just because it has a higher pixel count. Actual screen testing has shown the s5 has a superior screen, not just a higher pixel density. When the battery shows fatigue on the s5, you can just buy a new one and pop it in, not dismantle your phone. Once the factory updates end, you can root the s5 and get timely updates for several more years courtesy of XDA. These are all proven facts, not specs. Get your terms right.

      Moto x has been a bust. It’s a good phone but a complete sales failure.

    • alphs22

      I’m not arguing the 5s has a better camera compared to theS5, nor am I arguing the 5s has a better screen. S5 are better in those regard, sure. I’m also not arguing that the S5 doesn’t have removable battery lol. I’m not sure what you’re arguing about here.

      All I’m saying is that people have their preferences. If someone prefers iOS to Android, or likes iPhones better than Android phones, who are you to tell them that iPhones aren’t worth their money?

      Even an Android fanboy like you can agree that iPhones do have their advantages, no?

    • monsterduc1000

      What those advantages might be, I certainly don’t know…

      I’m arguing the fact that you don’t know the difference between specs and facts.

    • alphs22

      Deflecting to another issue because you got nothing, I see.

    • monsterduc1000

      What other issue? You are the one who brought up but never supported what non-existent advantages the iPhone doesn’t have, and the fact you don’t know the difference between numbers on paper and facts from comparisons.

    • alphs22

      I need to support my claim that some people just prefer iOS to Android? That maybe some people prefer a 4″ screen to a 5″? That some people prefer Apple’s ecosystem?

      LOL. You must be fun at parties.

    • monsterduc1000

      If you say that one thing has an advantage over another, try and provide facts to your claim. Otherwise it’s just an opinion, which you seem to have plenty of, but is useless without something to back it up.

    • alphs22

      It’s a fact that Apple provide updates directly to the consumer 2-3 years after release. It’s a well known fact that iOS apps generally has higher quality apps and receive updates before Android. It’s a fact that not everyone wants 5″+ phones.

      But hey, if you think these are my opinions – fine. People happen to buy out of opinion all the time.

    • chris0101

      At the moment, pretty much all high end smartphones are quite overpriced.

      iPhone, Galaxy S-series, and all the high end ones. That’s why you keep seeing record breaking profits on Samsung and Apple every year.

      The issue I see is that there just isn’t much of a price war going on at higher end phones.

  • bembol

    It’s a BS move by Samsung. Seriously, two months after they release their flagship. They couldn’t announce this when they revealed the S5?

    I upgrade quickly I’m not upset I mean I’m selling my S5 for the Z2, who knows I might sell it for the S5 Prime. I just feel that they screwed their fans.

    • Anaron

      I don’t see how they ‘screwed’ their fans. It was rumoured that they’d release a higher-end device after the S5. That doesn’t make the S5 a bad purchase unless the S5 prime launches at the same price.

    • Kaostheory

      I don’t get this train of thought. You buy a phone when you’re ready, there’s always a better one around the corner. I feel sorry for Apple fans, if you’re due for a new phone but not 100% happy with what they’re offering you have to wait another year, not always possible. Shorter update cycles let me hold on till the last possible moment.

    • Tyrone_83

      How is this a BS move if this is a rumor? People know there will be a better phone coming out.

    • bembol

      Of course we all know there will always be a better phone but again, in two months. I know it’s just rumours but it’s still disturbing. If it came out IDK, October/November to COMPETE with Apple’s iPhone 6 then I would understand.

  • ThatPhoneGuy

    Can’t see it happening in North America even if it is true. Not to mention how would they scale the price on a “premium” model based on the GS5 @$730.

  • grantdude

    If it’s in “development stage” it won’t be out by June. Or this year.

  • Jakob

    And this is why consumers get mad.

    Today: ‘Announcing the all new, incredible, SuperPhone 8XT’
    Tomorrow: ‘Announcing the new SuperPhone 9XT. Release date set to 3 months after you purchased the 8XT’

  • Yasz

    junk phone

  • Yasz

    sammy flooding the market with korean junk as usual

    • David

      At least their contributing something to the market with their “Korean junk”… What has other companies or countries released in comparison?

  • Jason Nexus

    so let me get this straight since the phone is going to be metal how does the ip57 waterproofing work Its going to rust. I for one like the design of the galaxy s 5.

    • HiKsFiles

      You seriously think this will be made out of iron?!

  • I.T. Man

    First thing that came to my mind is HTC M8…this Rumor is stop ships of people from jumping to the M8. *Slow Claps* for Samungs

    The M8 kills the S5’s Design. So smasung has to fix that by coming out with a metal body phone too..smh

    • Deli

      Ships of people? All indication points to s5 annihilating all other devices, including iphone 5s sales. M8 is a beautiful device and the inclusion of sdcard makes it an excellent offering, but let’s not convert our hopes to manufactured realities.

  • James Stewart

    It is not the aluminum that i want, it is the cleaner, non-cartoonish, and efficient software i want which this “prime” certainly won’t have.

    I am sure millions will buy it, i am just glad and thankful google sells their nexus devices here in Canada and we still have options like HTC for non eyeball bursting skins.

  • Tyrone_83

    If this was true wouldn’t make more sense to release the plastic for 450 off contract and 700 for the metal one? It’s a good thing I’m going to wait since I can use my free upgrade when this version comes out.

  • milagroful

    Is anybody crazy enough to buy these phones without a contract?
    Especially when you can get a new nexus or used 3 month old phone for way cheaper if you cant do the contract thing.


    Not even that excited for the prime because I know it’s gonna be at least $100 more on and off contract