Elop: ‘Nokia as a brand will not be used for long going forward for smartphones’


  • Ken K.

    Best. Trojan. Ever.

    • Martin Chan

      Sigh. Could you explain? Doesn’t make too much sense.

    • Henry Lao

      Elop is CEO of Nokia.
      Nokia’s value drops like boulder off a cliff.
      Microsoft buys Nokia.
      Elop leaves Nokia and joins Microsoft.

    • Thin Blue DBA

      You forgot to mention that Elop worked at Microsoft before becoming CEO of Nokia. That’s what makes it the best Trojan ever…
      So in short

      Elop works at Microsoft
      Elop becomes CEO of Nokia
      Elop destroys Nokia’s in house development and forces the company to adopt Windows Phone OS.
      Nokia tanks
      Microsoft buys out Nokia
      Elop steps down as CEO
      Elop is rehired by Microsoft

    • rjmlive

      Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo burns Nokia with poor resources and commitment to MeeGo and Symbian
      Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo rests on Nokia’s strong dumb phone sales and competition with BB despite iPhone and Android rise

      Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo puts Nokia in desperate free fall in the market and leaves the company in downward spiral he created
      Elop becomes CEO of Nokia
      Elop avoids becoming an HTC and goes WP to save company
      Elop actively makes moves to save the burning platform he was hired to save
      Elop did everything possible considering market conditions to salvage the wreck Olli-Pekka and the Nokia board allowed to happen
      Elop saves Nokia from irrelevancy in another me-too Android OEM and worth nothing to anybody, like HTC.
      Microsoft latches onto the best opportunity to get into the devices space
      Elop is brought on as the champion of devices under the monetary powerhouse of Microsoft

      Internet forums flooded with infantile grasp of the situation.

    • Ken K.

      In addition to what Henry said. Elop was initially hired by Nokia from Microsoft. He sent out the famous burning-platform memo and basically forcing Nokia to choose WP platform exclusively despite the fact he can easily choose Android or have both WP or Android platforms, just like Samsung, LG and HTC.

    • JTon

      Well not exactly easily, MS was offering a buttload cash subsidies to Nokia to go exclusively WP. Since Nokia was burning through cash, this definitely helped

    • beyond

      lubricated or non lubricated?

    • Sanjay Kumar

      Stephen Elop is a Canadian I can never be proud of. He has a track record of destroying companies he worked for.

    • brian johnson

      You guys on this site are i****s, you go on about Nokia, WP, Microsoft and Elop yet you have no idea of what really happened or how WP really saved Nokia to be around this long, just a bunch of useless drivel from uneducated commenters, just sayin makes me laugh especially about WP even iOS 7 Android and all its OEM’s , third party app developers, websites and the world in general are all using WP inspired Metro UI instead of old school Skeuomorphism UI.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      In case if you misunderstood, I was only making an opinion about Stephen Elop. Not about cellphone OS.
      Nokia survived because of their effort on making good cellphones. Not because of wp os. Before nokia, wp had actively less than 3 million users. Within q1, Nokia sold more that 2.5 million devices when they launched, lumia 710, 800, & 900.
      Most selling wp device is lumia 520.
      Get your facts rights before yapping about it.

    • brian johnson

      Do you really believe that Nokia making good cell phones are the reason they survived, that makes no sense whatsoever , then why were they struggling before WP even entered the picture. The hardware on a smartphone is only partially responsible for the experience, you can make the greatest smartphone in the world if the software is not up to par that company will fail. Besides look at user reviews, reviews in general WP is a highly rated OS. Of course if a hardware company invests more in an OS then it will pay off as long as the OS is good. I could say without Samsung and other OEM’s pushing Android then it will not grow, it’s common sense.

      WP 520 is a budget device most individuals use Android and iOS so when they want to try WP they first test the water with budget devices other sales of Lumia 520 are also from first time smartphone buyers, those who buy higher end WP are mostly those who already know the OS like myself and have used it in the past.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      More than 70% running wp os are Nokia devices.
      Majority developers are still prioritizing iOS and android over wp os.
      Microsoft decided to waive off licensing fee so more manufacturers can make wp devices.
      Nokia has to patents for so many mobile to technologies which is why Microsoft bought them.
      Till date, there is no completion for best camera featured cellphone. Nokia’s exclusive app for wp are pure blend of their good hardware and apps.

    • brian johnson

      Its actually 90% of Nokia phones that runs WP OS not 70%. Majority of developers prioritizing Android and iOS over WP is not a surprise as they are the two largest platform however more developers including the biggest names are making apps for WP along with the other platforms its a sign of a growing platform look at all the major apps that has come to the platform lately from Instagram to Waze, Vine etc and just about everything in between.
      Microsoft did not buy Nokia’s patents Microsoft did not even bug Nokia Microsoft only bought a portion of Nokia which is its devices and services division, Nokia still remains and even have a new CEO managing it remaining divisions starting May 1st.
      Nokia apps etc Here apps will continue to be part of WP experience and so its should they already had a past but at the same time Nokia are still free to use them in whatever manner they desire.
      Like I stated most people who bash WP, Nokia ,MS don’t see what’s really happening they look at things from a fanbois perspective instead of how things truly are or what transpired.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      Lol read mobile syrup’s recent article on Stephen Elop.

    • riiight

      Did this guy, with his one period, just call someone uneducated?

    • brian johnson

      My grammar can be forgiven but ignorance repeated time and time again should not.

    • riiight

      Is that you Kramer?

    • brian johnson

      Don’t give up your day job?, humor is not your strong suit.

    • disqusmy

      It is a smart Trojan too. Elop is very good at it. 🙂

  • timothyclark1970

    MiNo would work.

    • MatroXX


  • MtBkr

    Microsoft. Nokia. Both useless operation system and failing brand coming together. Oh well… Long Live Android!

    • John Chernichenko

      Nokia was the number one selling cell phone OEM for 14 years.
      Windows OS was only successful because of Nokia and they had sales of almost 90% of all Windows Phones.
      The only thing failing is your competence.
      Nokia was the victim of a corporate buy-out.
      Your a victim of your own ignorance.

    • MtBkr

      John Chernichenko 😉 you are pathetic. Go buy yourself a real phone and enjoy life

      P.S. you can even try Apple – these work too.

    • Noah Roesler

      You gotta admit, Cortana is a great waifu 🙂

    • John Chernichenko

      So if I don’t share your same point of view I am pathetic?
      I defend against stupid, uneducated comments from people like you.
      I’ve had every top tier and mid tier smart phone since 2009 and I am currently looking for employment in mobile hardware design.
      I’ve tried every OS and all have pros and cons. Phones are the same but Nokia was one of those companies that didn’t sell out to teenagers like other OEM’s are. They stuck to their specialty and created the most amazing camera phones money can buy.
      They are iconic in their individuality but was dropped down due to Elop and Microsoft.
      Nokia is an example of a small company who did what they knew best and were successful.
      So tell me, why did you make this a person battle?
      I am pathetic because I am smart enough to be in this industry?
      Or is it that you are just a teenager who doesn’t know anything other than what sites like this tell you?
      Either way my life is going great, have a good day. Enjoy what ever it is you use, I couldn’t care less.

    • MtBkr

      No, you’re wrong. You took it to the personal level by calling commentator that you don’t even know “teenager” or “ignorant”.. I’m 35 years old guy, mobile software engineer, and yes i’m opinionated. And you should be courteous while posting comments – you never know who reads them. Good luck in your job search.

  • Thom

    It doesn’t make sense for them to abandon the Nokia name. It is often associated with quality and known worldwide especially in emerging markets. Another mistake from Microsoft.

    • dandoozled

      That’s what I was thinking, despite relatively poor sales in North American over the last forever, my time that I have spent in other countries have indicated a massive Nokia presence, pretty much every where. I wonder if this will do more harm than good in the long term.

    • ToniCipriani

      It does say for smartphones. I guess the Asha and Nokia X line will remain but Lumia will be renamed Microsoft Lumia.

  • Jonavin

    Nokia has rights to use the Nokia brand on their own smartphone. Start from scratch if you will or bring out their own Android/Sailfish phones. Don’t forget that Nokia sold the phone decision to Microsoft not the entire company and they kept a lot of patents.

    So yes, Nokia brand won’t be used on smartphones going forward… At least not by. Microsoft.

  • Michael


  • rgl168

    Recall in the contract that Nokia reserves the right to re-enter the handset market in 2016, then perhaps you will understand why Microsoft can’t use the Nokia name perpetually.

  • selonmoi

    Microsoft Mobile Oy?

    I don’t actually speak Yiddish, but the name seems perfect to me.

  • Jon-Michael Ursini

    It is so sad to see a Giant be brought to its knees.. Before the smartphone generation no other manufacturers could touch Nokia.. Then Nokia was slow to adapt kept on losing market share, then had to beg Microsoft for money.. Which is what really killed them because they were never able to make a real premium android device & windows phone was such crap for soooo long.. So sad.

    • brian johnson

      WP is crap?, get your mind right , WP is an excellent OS.Matter of fact it is the most copied OS today even Android is copying WP flat UI and features. Educate yourself.

  • Paul Serge

    question: if microsoft bought nokia mobile division without the name “nokia” … what did they buy?


  • Yasz

    Elope lol

  • AllanVS

    Failkia Phones.

  • sam

    Who said Canadians were nice? They’re some of the most ruthless, shrewd and sneakyest people alive. I should know I live in Toronto! Elop and MS knew what they were doing the second Nokia profits began to decline. They took advantage of the situation very intelligently. Problem is I suspect in 3 years Microsoft will dump the Mobile phone sector and focus back on desktop and mobile computing operating systems. (laptops, tablets)

  • HD Z

    They might also call the new brand Orange.