Stop the excuses with Scientific 7-Minute Workout for iPhone

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Hey you! Yeah, you, the one sitting on your butt at work. Get up, move around, why don’t you? Walk around the office, go for a jog, do anything but sit there!

It’s easy to feel guilty about not doing enough to better ourselves, stay healthy and live longer. Workouts are often difficult to fit into busy routines, and gym memberships are expensive. Mobile devices have been traditionally been great companions in filling this gap; running services like Nike+ or Runkeeper are incredibly popular, and you can find motivation from any number of apps.

Toronto-based Endloop Systems has capitalized on this trend by creating an app based on the popular Scientific 7-Minute Workout routine. Recently applauded by various fitness journals and mainstream publications, the seven-minute workout involves high-intensity interval exercises that can be done at home with a minimum amount of space and equipment.

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The routine ranges from pushups to side planks, from lunges to crunches, and the whole thing is done with visual and audio cues. The app, which costs 99 cents, tracks how often you do the routine, and lets you pause, stop and rewind the various exercises.

The Workout Guide acclimates you to the individual 30-second sessions, but it would be nice to see a bit more detail in the breakdown. The app design is clean and accessible, and is a worthy addition to any fitness fan’s repertoire. Or to the guy sitting at his desk at work feeling guilty.

Download Scientific 7-Minute Workout for iPhone.