Robert Downey Jr. reportedly signs $12 million deal with HTC, will become their global smartphone ambassador


  • David Margolin

    if you want anyone to promote your tech, tony stark is the best way to go…

    • Theo

      Yes, but it would be better as iron man than himself

    • jackjiarocks

      Consider the lack of marketing capability or the size of it, Spending $12 million is truly unnecessary as of the moment.
      They should focus on stream-line their product. produce better commercials and imrpove their brand image through the software support over long term.

      *EDIT* – There being said, its still better than that stupid a*s Beats deal.

    • Brendan

      At least you can wash of the logo on the back with some cleany stuff and a microfibre cloth.

  • Nugrah Tri Pratama

    using iron man to advertise all-metal HTC one? well played 🙂

    • Supa_Fly

      LG has rights to the smartphones via IronMan.

      But Robert Downey Jr’s best acting work I feel is in Charlie … he was ROBBED of an Oscar … caused a huge downfall path of self destruction that he like a phoenix resurrected from and I’m glad. Great actor, great personification of intelligence and quick quip.

      HTC may have made the smartest move they’ve EVER done!

  • Rich

    Well I’m sold, if Iron Man uses HTC phones to make his calls, then it’s good enough for me.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    I can see HTC realeasing a phone in the Iron Man scheme soon now

  • Rob

    Nooooo!!!! Jarvis!!!!!!

  • Renaud Lepage

    Cue Mark 48 HTC One

  • skullan

    Man, I’m so glad RDJ is out of his slump years. He deserves this as an actor.

  • Ken K.

    All they have to do is re-voice Google Now into Jarvis, and HTC will sell millions of phones.

  • kevin c

    RDJ is awesome. He’s a good choice for promoting tech products.
    Ironically, the video phone that he used in Iron Man (2008) was an LG product. :p

  • jackjiarocks

    this 12 million could be used for some thing better……

  • wildspin

    This deal seems to be between HTC and the Downey himself. Unless HTC also signs up the studios for some product placement deal, we’ll probably not see any HTC phone in the titles features.

  • Francois Roy

    Smoked by HTC

  • Apple

    What’s an Alicia Keys?

  • Stephen


  • ryhm

    Apple should get Justine Bieber. who wouldn’t want a little girls phone LOL