Yes, you can turn off video Auto-Play in the new Instagram


  • Rawb

    Why are some updates on Android delayed? Like you read about all these updates, the play store page for the app is updated with what’s new, reviews are rolling in for the new version of the app, but I still haven’t got the update. This happened with some Google apps and its happening now with instagram.

    • Tony Sarju

      It’s called staggered roll outs. The updates are only pushed to a batch of users at a time. I just received the Instagram update today after installing the app yesterday. If you want the new Googleapps, that usually takes longer, you should head over to Android Police and search their posts for the last Google app update that you are looking for and install the APK manually.

  • dawood

    how do you get the battery % on the top right of your one??

    • Super_Deluxe

      It’s in Accessibility in the Settings on my S3 and I think it’s the same thing on the One.

      Edit: I meant to say Display and not Accessibility. My bad.

    • Simon Dussault

      Because he runs 4.2.2