HTC announces the One with Sense 5.0, introduces BlinkFeed


  • lukeiphone

    Thank you.

    • EvanK

      Finally, a manufacturer’s paid more attention to the size of the sensor than the amount of pixels on that sensor. Honestly, unless you’ll be making mural sized prints, anything over 5 megapixels is overkill, especially for a smartphone camera.

      It should be interesting to see how it performs in low light, and if it can control noise at higher ISOs. Here’s hoping that HTC’s also put a decent lens in, as having sharp glass is equally if not more important than the sensor.

    • Bigger Pixels

      -Finally the silly race for worse pictures taking more space in your hard drive is over!! Kudos to HTC for going with bigger Pixels/with less pixels per sensor/ same sensor size.
      In phones that’s the answer to better pics!

      ONE PHONE THIS YEAR?? that’t the only way to make money these days! one or two models TOP. You focus on one model and your chain of suppliers focus on one list of components. Economy of Scale is the key! Apple does it and Samsung is supposed to cut their absurd 20-model lineup this yr.

      -I don’t care about the release of the Big three in Canada (about $200 overpriced) Call me when Virgin and Koodo get it! they are the place to get phones in Canada these days.

      -Price it at $499-$550 and will sell millions!

  • Samuel

    got any live streams?

  • E

    Type HTC One M7 on YouTube. There’s a leaked hands on. Freakin sexy phone.

  • Michael

    Blink Feed = Windows Phone homescreen.

  • MaXiM

    Yawn. ONE? seriously?

  • Mike

    Shut up and take my money now.

  • Dalex

    Burned by HTC twice with the Desire and One X so this is a giant “Screw your pathetic device HTC”.

    BTW, with this Blinkfeed Windows Phone looking crap, the owners of this phone will have to endure even longer waits for Android upgrades if HTC actually supports this phone (that’s a giant if).

    Mark March 14th down in your calendars as the date this phone’s short life is ended by the GS4.

    • Richard Singh

      I agree that I’m also someone who will never buy HTC again. I am so frustrated by the lack of updates and slow UI (running Nova and it is much quicker and smoother than Sense on my EVO 3D) that I will either stick with a Nexus device or perhaps Samsung from now on.

    • Tomatoes11

      Yup, 4 HTC devices in counting and all of them were lemons. Don’t forget that Apple gets even more power than they already have if you buy this junk.

    • Tyrone

      Since I upgraded to the Razr MAXX HD I’m still cheesed that HTC said that the Canadian Desire HD won’t be getting the upgrade but the American one will. It’s the same phone. So after that and my DHD keeps on randomly resetting and freezing i’m gonna pass on them for a while until they get they’re act straight.

  • Jerry


  • Dern

    I can’t justify spending money on this. Odds are I’m either going to get bored of Sense and want to flash stock android, or this thing won’t be regularly and speedily updated and I’ll want to flash CM for the latest and greatest version of Android. Why would I drop $500+ on a phone that I’m going to end up running CM w/ stock android, when I can get the stock android experience out of the box for $200 cheaper?

  • Richard Singh

    Does anyone else think the design of the phone looks quite similar to the Blackberry Z10?

    • screamer

      Does the blackberry z10 looks like the iphone for cheaper people???

  • 2176lukin

    My next

  • Ck2013

    Looks so great with decent specs. For the first time I’ll go for htc

  • EddieWinslow

    I want to see real world results of this new camera tech.

  • nexus

    Sick phone. But love my nexus.

  • JC Chong

    My concern is the customization that it will make future Android updates much more difficult.

  • Rob

    This will be a good phone for those that are not geeks, want the android eco-system and the convenience of the live tiles from windows phone (out of the box versus a mix of home changes and widgets). Personally, not my cup of tea but it will sell as long as they can get it to market quick and bring the on-contract price down low when the GS4 hits the scene. Some of the features sound neat but HTC has always been a dog for updates, thus not good for the ROM addicts. Not sure this could replace my N4 considering my usage but I am always glad to see some innovation and competition.

  • Blas

    Seems like a nice compromise between live tiles and Sense UI.

  • morritz

    Finally, after the Iphone and GS3 a phone on every big carrier in canada!

    • Tomatoes11

      Trust me, Carrier availability and marketing are not the reasons why the HTC One X failed.

      Horribly placed and flush buttons, poor and sluggish software, poor multitasking memory management, small amount of storage, bigger size than the dimensions suggest, and looking like an Astronaut is why the One X failed.

  • mike

    Looks just like the back of an iPhone!

  • superfly

    1080p screen? Where?

  • Anonymous

    What are the battery specs?

  • Lirodon

    So uhh, how do the legacy buttons work? there’s only TWO.

  • Amos

    Shame that HTC locks their bootloaders. If they embraced AOSP with binary releases and supported a path for people who want vanilla google or other ROMS, then I’d consider HTC. But all the phones other than Nexus fall down on timely OS updates or restricting users. Those issues kill the great enthusiam I have for better cameras, mics, and speakers.

    Fingers crossed for Moto X-Phone. Although I love my Nexus 4, I’d pay quite a bit more for an SDCard slot, better cameras, bigger battery, USB OTG, and better mic and speakers (while keeping the stock android updates from Google and the unlocked bootloader & modem.)

  • Shaboobla

    If HTC is releasing this phone worldwide with the exact same specs (Processor, LTE bands etc) and, if this is their only phone this year, it could potentially be better for updates. They could focus all their update testing and software writing on one phone which would be great.

    Part of the problems in the past was trying to maintain updates for not only several different phones, but even their same phones had different models for North America and Europe. Having one unified flagship could help with the speed of updates.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    The back looks fantastic. Looks like the things deterring a lot of the HTC nay-sayers are still there though.

  • felix

    I have the one x. Its alright. But if HTC doesnt give their phones multitasking, in never buying from them again. But before I even think about the One, I gotta see the sg4 and xphone

  • ActivesiN

    that is a beast of a phone

  • Ivan

    Sad to say it, but for the first time I think HTC may have lost this customer. I hate Live Tile, I can’t stand looking at it. It is for that reason I will never buy a Windows phone, and will never use windows 8. I can’t stand having a device constantly trying to push useless info to me before I ask for it. If I have to get past a tile wall at all, I’ll pass on this generation of HTC device.