HTC announces the One with Sense 5.0, introduces BlinkFeed


We’re here in New York City to bring you all the details of the new HTC One device which, unfortunately, leaked in its entirety earlier today.

Nevertheless, we’re sure there are many other details HTC has kept close to its chest, and we’re going to bring you all the details, including hands-on photos and video, shortly.

Stay tuned and check back for more details.

10:21 – HTC has announced the HTC One officially.
10:22 – New Sense version in the works as well.
10:23 – “BlinkFeed” – instead of apps and widgets, home screen is a live feed of the information important to you
10:24 – BlinkFeed features over 1400 content partners, including ESPN
10:26 – Interesting that HTC is introducing only one phone this year — last year there were three, the One X, One S and One V.


10:29 – New audio experience on the One. “Boom Sound”
10:30 – Stereo speaker on the One. Clearer sound than on any other smartphone.
10:32 – Dual microphones with two membranes each – makes sure your recording are going to be listenable when you play them back.
10:33 – New infrared sensor and receiver in the One. Controls your TV with your phone. “Control your living room”

10:35 – Ultrapixels. They’re real. New camera system, “a true breakthrough.”
10:36 – Bigger pixels, not more pixels. Ultrapixels are going to be a different approach for smartphone cameras.
10:38 – Ghostless HDR, HDR video, better low-light. “Pretty much the best low-light camera on the market.” We’ll be the judge of that.

10:40 – HTC Zoe: automatically captures high-res photos and HD video at the same time.
10:41 – Zoe creates short movies and still photos without any user input – automatically sets your footage to music, professional edits and tones. Very, very cool.
10:41 – “HTC One is reinventing camera technology. Zoe is an incredible live gallery and awesome live videos.”
10:42 – Integrated the antenna with the aluminum. Uh-oh.
10:43 – New zero-gap design. Nothing that distracts you. Uses a diamond cutter for a “chamfered surface”
10:44 – Gorilla Glass. Confirmed.
10:46 – Largest rollout for a HTC phone ever. Available in March in Canada.
10:47 – Rogers, Bell and TELUS in Canada. “Stunning silver or beautiful black.” 32GB or 64GB availability, too.