Here’s what the back of the HTC One will look like


  • BRAD !!

    nothing new here, unfortunately nothing is new with android phones. the spec war can go on but android is always just android and the platform cant even take advantage of these high end specs.


    • Dr.Hugo

      Exactly , nothing to see here just another regurgitated phone that looks like the other HTC with a different name , cosmetic changes just dont cut it , love my BB10

  • blackberryCOPY

    android users should move out of there moms basement and buy a blackberry z10. unless they want to be a virgin forever…

  • screamer

    Blackberry??? HTC will steam them with the one. What I know they talked about thousands sold units… other talking about million. Oh well the one looks nice to me

  • Mike Hawk

    I really like the look of the phone.

  • Lil Wayne

    Sense is still horrible years later

  • Michael

    Since when did Android become Windows Phone?, Sense 5 home screen look just like Windows Phone Live Tiles, what happened to Android Icons on the home screen?, I knew this would happen, the market share does not reflect it but Windows Phone is the leading OS on the market, first BB10 “active frames” now M7 are all mimicking Windows Phone live Tiles, im sure we will be seeing a lot of Tiled home screen from here on out. This is just the beginning.

    • HiKsFiles

      Customization … ever heard of that? There’s a whole bunch of launchers out there all waiting for you to use them if you don’t like what comes out of your box.

    • scrooge

      It looks almost nothing like Windows 8. Give your head a shake bro.

  • talarico

    Still no mention of an SD slot or a removable battery on this new device huh?
    I don’t know HTC…I don’t know. I hope I’m proven wrong when the device is unveiled later today.

  • Jay

    The back reminds me of last year’s Sony Xperia phones.

  • Brian

    Haha Android looks like Windows Phone OS.

  • MaXiM

    Everybody’s talking about look, Design, so on…
    How about a good BATTERY people? I mean something that can get you through at least a day of normal usage, something like talking for half an hour, browsing for a new toy on ebay, watching a movie, posting on mobilesyrup bashing “the others”, new kitty photo (with flash) uploaded on Facebook… I mean, really – we sometimes forget the toothbrush but never the charger when going in vacation…

  • sc

    I shall call this the HTC H10

  • Miguel

    Z10 has been out for two weeks. You think they copied in, made millions of units that fast? Lol

  • Owen

    Windows Phone influence seems to be growing, the competition is adopting the Live Tile approach.

  • LW81

    speakers at the front, FTW.

  • TrollsAlot

    Maybe I actually want a phone that looks like a WP device but still runs on Android and has an existing app market. Think about that, whiners…

  • zzZZzz

    The back of the black version looks quite gorgeous. Still no word on internal memory, but the 2300mah battery is at least something.

    The only visible irk so far is the placement of the capacitive buttons. I understand to put the logo of the company somewhere on the phone, but not at the expense of functionality. At least with the 3 button configuration, I was able to make the Recent Apps button work as the menu button. I hate not having a menu button. *sigh*

  • Bill

    Used the Htc Hero, Htc Desire, Htc One X and Htc OneX+ the best was the One X, I think this will be a great device for business users,

  • ehoustoun

    HTC continue to make phones with a gorgeous form factor and design. This phone looks really nice. Never been a big fan of the Sense UI though, hopefully the new version is nicer.

  • FranzJoseph

    Woo you go HTC H10!

  • SC

    Copied or not, Z10 will sell more than the One so it’s not like it matters.

  • Android fan

    Great looking phone

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    @Brad F (dickless pic)

    Sorry you have to go through life looking like that.