HTC One coming to Rogers, Bell, TELUS and Virgin


  • b

    Which carrier will provide an update to 5.0?

    • g011um

      None. HTC used to lead the pack in terms of OS updates. Over the last couple years they have become the worst. HTC now has a policy of forced obsolescence, and holds back updates. I doubt this phone will see anything but minor updates, and only for the first year. They want you to spend $600 every year on a new HTC phone so they stop supporting older models.

    • Kid.Canada

      I wish HTC would drop sense all together. Very unappealing which is why they’re in a slump right now. Pumping out flagships every month will not help the situation. Specs are already great but its the software that’s the problem. Give stock Android with no skins/overlays a try and I promise I’ll be one of your first customers to buy it!

    • Comment Master

      Guys…just give HTC a chance..dont b***h about the old issues..see how it does now

    • ickynickydicky

      all these high end phones with poor battery. its better to spend 600$ on a razr hd maxx with a 3000+ battery with 21 hrs of talk time then having this crap and its dieing every 4 to 6 hours. never will i give you my money till you put big battery to last the phone long enough. and those who thumb this down are pure evil haters and fanboyz

    • Bigger Pixels

      -The phone could have been great, but due to the lack of SD card, will force people to compare the ONE with the N4 with better Camera, LTE widely available and LOCKED BOOTLOADER AND SLOW UPGRADES.

      Bottomline they can’t price it at more than $100 than the N4. As someone here just said: Why should I pay more if I will end up adding the current CyanogenMod, with Custom kernel and and Nova Launcher ( killer performance and Battery)

      Expect Segmentation with the ONE and ROBELUS: The HTC One S from Telus still hasn’t been to JB! LOL!!
      Never again!

  • Sean

    Would of liked to see Wind get it as T-mobile is getting it so there definitely is a version that would work for them

    • EvanK

      HTC’s finally learned from their mistakes. Good on them for making it available on the Big 3, and offering it up in AWS flavour. This worked wonders for Samsung with the S3, so hopefully it’ll help get HTC back as a strong competitor in the marketplace.

      Looks like an awesome phone, can’t wait to give it a try!

  • Nathan

    Wow this phone looks really good. Can’t wait to see what Samsung has as I’m looking to switch to android.

    • Nathen

      Let me help you out here since your about to make a mistake.

      Do your self a favor and get a NEXUS 4.
      This way you won’t be one of the MANY whom find out that you won’t be getting Updates anytime soon if EVER.

      Get a Nexus 4, you won’t regret it.

  • COBwiggy

    Woo! Virgin!

  • D

    what about the battery?

    • Mark

      2300 mah

  • EAK47

    It is huuuuge for a 4.7″.

    The ZL has a 5″ screen and is smaller than the One.

    Seriously, who needs stereo speakers on a cellphone? It’s not like I’m going to watch a whole movie on it.

    IMO a bigger screen for the same form size is better than a dual speaker.

  • EAK47

    Battery is 2300mah:
    Quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip, which is backed up by 2GB of RAM. HTC’s crammed a 1080p SuperLCD3 panel into a 4.7-inch frame, behind which lies a 2300mAh battery.

  • Johentie

    make sure u buy an extra battery.. maybe even 2 more.. good specs, but i doubt the battery will last more then 5 hrs!

    • Chris

      My Optimus G has a 2100mah and it lasts over a day easily. Does 1080p make that much difference?

    • sam

      well since the battery is not removable that will be an impossible task.

    • Tomatoes11


      Yes it does, it’s double the pixels. 1080p makes a difference on everything including performance. If the Qualcomm 600 is not enough to stuff, it could perform worse than the Optimus G and Nexus 4.

  • Bob

    Im already in line baby

    • Nathen

      Hey BOB. What happens when you get this and 3 or 4 months from now Googles Next OS update ( Key lime Pie ) comes out and guess what ? U wont be getting it.

      You will be one mad and unhappy Customer.
      Get your Self a Nexus 4 and not only will you be HAPPY ! you will be sending the BIG 3 a clear message !

  • EAK47

    It’s a non-removable battery…

  • Steve

    Biggest question… how long will the battery last with double the mount of pixels from the One X? I wish they would have included wireless charging too, the dock will probably be pretty weak.

  • Rick

    Hopefully Koodo will launch it as well!

  • Rod

    Finally! I love HTC quality. They feel like real phones and not a cheap plastic like my current galaxy 2. Can I preorder?

  • E

    And Fido is Launching the Galaxy S2 LTE…

  • bulletwithbatwings

    Which is coming 1st – this or the Xperia ZL?

  • I Like Good Food

    … and meanwhile, like most major high end phone releases, Fido is sitting in a corner, licking his own balls.

  • Henaway

    I can only see two things that are an advantage over the N4. The onboard storage (no microSD isn’t a big deal with 32/64GB onboard) and POSSIBLY the camera, if it truly is that much of an improvement over normal cell sensors.

    I’m still not sold on 1080p on phones. Can’t see a genuine advantage over 720p. It’s not like you REALLY get more on the screen … the icons and everything scale to DPI. Just an added tax on battery life, pushing the processors a little bit harder. And why no 4.2.x? It’s already a point and a couple of minors behind the current release, with 5.0 on the horizon.

    Now, little niggling gripes aside, a VERY nice looking phone with some great hardware. Well done HTC. Well done!

    • jellmoo

      As always, your mileage may vary on these items, but: Faster chipset, larger battery, LTE, better front facing camera, Beats Audio, front facing speakers, free dropbox storage…

      But honestly, the kickers are going to be the display, the increased storage and the camera. Then there is the somewhat intangible of “build quality”. Those are the big selling points over a Nexus 4.

      The thing about 4.2 is that so far, it has been pretty darn buggy. I actually prefer that it ship with 4.1.2 and then wait for some of the kinks to be ironed out of the 4.2 series.

    • EvanK

      Don’t forget about LTE, although it is available on the N4 it’s sketchy at best.

      I do agree with your point regarding 1080p displays, the only real advantage that I can see of them right now is reading small text like in an eBook or a non-mobile site in the browser.

    • Nathen

      @ Posted by jellmoo

      JB 4.2.2 is Amazing. You clearly don’t have a Nexus 4 or you must have some Issue with you phone specifically.
      Maybe if you stated what EXACTLY is the problem it would help instead of just generalizing.
      In any case I can’t think of ANY other OS being better then JB4.2.2 at the moment. Certainly not IOS or Win8.

  • S

    Killer phone.

  • Chris

    Anyone wanna buy my Optimus G? $450

  • Jose

    is it Virgin mobile USA? or just canada?

    • DaRazorback

      Just Virgin Mobile Canada, as it is owned by Bell Canada, whereas Virgin Mobile USA is owned by Sprint.

  • dc2000

    When will phone manufactures understand battery life is important? 2300 mAh on a 1080p quad core phone isn’t enough. No one wants to be parked near a plug a few times a day. I want to be able to go to work at 5am, and have it last me until 10pm with medium/moderate usage. I have to restrict background data and dim my screen to the lowest setting on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus from 5am-5pm for it to last til 10pm on somewhat light-to-medium usage and this phone is only 720p dual core. I cant wrap my heads around these manufactures who just slap on any battery on a phone. Razr Maxx, the new 1080p 5.5″ LG phone, they did it right with a 3000+ mAh battery IMO!

  • Albert

    As much as I like HTC phones, who’s to say if it will get 4.2? So many HTC phones never get updates.

    • COBwiggy

      I don’t think any phones other than Nexus will get 4.2, I think they will all just go from 4.1 to 5.0

  • james

    if i were to leave my iphone 4s for this, would i be frustrated with battery life? im either leaving my iphone for this or a nexus 4. i just dont see my self needing a quad -core processor for a bloody phone.

    • jellmoo

      Nobody will really know for sure until benchmarks come out. That screen has the potential to drain a lot of juice.

      If battery life is a high end criteria though, I would definitely avoid the Nexus 4. It’s a good phone, to be sure, and great at the price point, but battery life is probably the biggest weakness it has.

      The Note 2 (if you can get by the massive size of thing), the Razr HD and the iPhone 5 (depending on what you do with it) are probably going to give you the best battery life out of what is available today in high end smartphones.

  • dizzle

    all these high end phones with poor battery. its better to spend 600$ on a razr hd maxx with a 3000+ battery with 21 hrs of talk time then having this crap and its dieing every 4 to 6 hours. never will i give you my money till you put big battery to last the phone long enough. and those who thumb this down are pure evil haters and fanboyz

  • monsterduc1000

    That’s a great looking iBerry 🙂

  • Stimulator

    Just checked out, the specs on the camera list it as “2688 x 1520 16:9 ratio” which translates to 4Mp or about 5Mp if it has a 4:3 option.

    • EvanK

      Good, I’m all for forgoing pixels if that means larger pixels on the sensor. That should translate to a much better high ISO performance.

    • User

      Unfortunately that’s not the case. This CMOS is natively 16:9 at 4mp. It does have a 4:3 option, but it’s cropped to 4:3 which is approximately equivalent to 3mp instead.

  • Ken

    Points I look for in a high priced phone are 1-Size of battery 2-Being able to remove it 3-Able to increase memory with SD chip.

  • me2

    I’m glad they kept it under 5 inches but the extra room above and below the screen make me think this is going to be too big.

  • Tyrone

    To some people the SD card slot and the removable battery is the deal breaker. So if your battery dies you have to get a new one (unless you have an old backup lying around somewhere) waiting to get fixed.

    As for battery life it’s pretty much mediocre since Motorola since the bar high on battery life.

  • Mark

    Really exciting phone

  • Michael

    Blink feed home screen = Windows Phone homescreen ripoff.

  • Nice

    It’s a nice looking phone but with how long it’s taken HTC to release updates in Canada, nope.

    Honestly, people should just start boycotting android phones other than Nexus devices to get the point across that we want updates.

    • Nathen

      You Sir are one SMART individual. Ive been on Nexus since the Nexus S ( which by the way got Updated to JB !! ) since it came out.
      Ive NEVER been disappointed ever since!

      Nexus 4. The only REAL Choice.

  • Teo

    I used to love these phones, still have an HTC HD2. I love htc and windows, but the new sense is appealing to me. No sd on 64gb & no removable battery is good to look over, but the desicion of not appealing to wind or mobilicity is just S&*t. Why should i move from my 29$ unlimited plan to a $60 rogers plan on top of a phone that costs 600 bucks. If they were smarter, they would put it on smaller companies,boost sales and expand their demand options. Right now, I am gonna wait for the Nokia “catwalk”. Love htc, but companies need to get their s&*t together

    • COBwiggy

      Why would they give it to Wind? They gave it to the companies that have the most customers. A very very tiny percentage of people can actually use Wind. Waste of their time.

  • johentie

    haha i didn’t even notice the battery was not removable… my bad ; >

    and for those saying their batteries last more then a day with these specs on a stock ROM and Kernel..

    keep being in denial..

  • Nathen

    People People People…….. how many times must we repeat it.

    GET A NEXUS and free your selves of the BS, don’t listen the haters that proclaim it is not a great phone.

    The LG Nexus is AMAZING and all you can do with it is endless.
    No Lock,No waiting, No being mad.


    Nexus 4.

  • Barry

    Fido didn’t hear my call.

  • Spock

    Of course not MTS…Of course.

    Why would MTS get anything half decent?

    Hello Rogers,Bell,Telus……………….