Truth: “Crotches Kill”


  • Mischa Price

    Thats a very bad choice of words Crotches Kill because there is nothing there that tells us that their talking about phones, they could be talking about something else

    • mmirage

      Except that the ad says “leave your phone out of reach”. So while the headline is meant to be a shocker the ad is getting the specific message across… The lead in should have you hooked long enough to get the full message.

  • Marcel

    the led glow emitting from her crotch doesnt clue you in? or does your woohoo always glow?

  • Surveillance

    Unfortunately, women still won’t listen.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    So that’s where all the Alberta tax payers money is going!

  • Crank2

    Ah, the Government of Alberta.

    Don’t worry about it guys, as long as you’re in Management, you’ll never get slammed by Alberta. They only go after the little guy.

  • danada

    People will never stop using their mobile device while driving and with these laws in place it makes people have to conceal their devices while using them. The most popular place to hide is, like in the ad, out of sight near the driver’s crotch. Having to hide the phone there means the driver has no view, not even peripheral, of the road and what is directly in front of them.

    Bans have sour consequences. Instead of banning cellphones, maybe educating drivers would make the roads a little safer.

    • Porilaisten

      I saw a woman driving along side the bus and i could see down into her vehicle and she had her iPhone in her crotch and her children in the back….

  • nathan

    i always watch rave videos when i drive too guess i should stop 🙁

  • Wilbour

    Perhaps we should text people and tell them to stop using thier phones…err…wait….that wont work.

  • stingy sting

    Any m o t h e r f u c k er I see using a phone while driving I cut off and and get out to pun ch their face in.

    Cars are thousands of pounds going at high rates of speed and yet people actually take their attention off driving to text. I don’t stand for murd erers.

    You’re caught driving and texting that causes an accident you should be charged with attempted mur der. Then see who texts and drives.

    Father who lost his son to a texter.

    • James

      Yeah, that’s the perfect response; you’re on your phone while driving, so I’m going to cause a potential accident with cutting you off so I can get out of my car and punch you in the face.

      Such a mature response. Are you fifteen?

      I tell you what. You see me driving and using my phone, you try to do what you stated. We’ll see how it goes.

    • Bravo – Bravo – Zulu – 1 – 0

      Stingy, last time I checked, we had a police force to enforce laws. Besides distracted drivers, something else we DON’T need are vigilantes. You are actually worse than those distracted drivers. They do it because of ignorance or indifference, you do it consciously and with intent to harm.

    • stingy sting

      I do not actually cut people off, I meant

    • stingy sting

      I do not actually cut people off, I meant to say I feel like it. I would never intentionally harm someone else on purpose while driving but I can want to after all I’m human.

      I truly believe using your phone while driving should be a 30 automatic suspension for first time offenses and worse for each additional offense. You may think it’s harsh until you have a loved one/friend lose their life to someone who thought their personal life was more important then those around them. Cars are moving vehicles, how do we as a society tolerate people who purposely distract themselves while operating them? To check a text? It’s incomprehensible to me.

      You have a responsibility to other drivers to give your full attention or get off the road. Or you’ll be forced off. It’s that simple.

      I hope none of you ever have to deal with loss or sorrow due to phone using drivers. Life is the most important thing we all have, to lose it over this breaks my heart.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    @James Are you 14? Why would you even be driving & txting? I can understand @Stingy Sting’s attitude – did you (James) not notice that he lost a loved one to a d*****s txt’r?
    If I had my way first time offence – impound car for 24hrs
    Second offence – impound car for month
    Third offence – loose car to crown with proceeds of sales going to victim assistance. Helping innocent people get over the lose of their loved ones.

    I only feel sorry for the victims of these offenses – the perpetrators not so much. Darwin’s theory works.

    • James

      Yes, I saw the part where he lost his son to someone texting and driving. That constitutes a revenge action that’s no better than what the person did to begin with?

      Your way, impound and finally loss of vehicle to the province, is a much better way of handling things than “cutting someone off and punching them in the face.”

    • stingy sting


      You’re right. I was harsh, I apologize. However we, at some point in our lives, would like to hurt those that hurt us. It’s human nature. I’m guilty of being a saddened human with vengeance in my heart. Time will heal that.

      Time however will never be granted to those who are injured or killed thanks to selfish people who use their phones while driving. Being behind the wheel with other drivers is dangerous enough, to try and wrap my mind around the notion people intentionally distract themselves while driving for something as stupid as using their phone but I can’t. I just can’t believe people are that reckless and careless towards other people.

      Please drive with the best intentions of other people bring safe as well as yourself.

      All the best, James.

  • Tyrone

    Please won’t stop even if it means you could lose your life or somebody else from it. There should be a one strike and your lose it for “x” amount of time.

    And when somebody does loose a life they only thing they can say is “I’m Sorry” Well you have to live with that for the rest of your life that you killed somebody.

    • TorontoJerk

      Well, to be fair, the car is what killed the person. Also depends on the person. Some people can say “sorry” and not feel anything about it ever again.

    • abc123


      Your comment made me think of the excuses the gun control people keep spewing… namely:

      ” don’t kill people, people kill people”.
      inanimate object = cars, guns, knives, rubber ducks, dildos, etc.


    • abc123

      That should have read “inanimate objects don’t kill people, people kill people” above.

  • abc123

    Look. I’ve been driving for a long time on city roads. PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO STOP USING THEIR PHONES. They may stop texting, but they WILL NOT, I mean WILL NOT, stop doing simple things like picking their phone up to change songs or mute their phone, or see who is calling.

    A better approach the government (and hence, police) should take is to REMOVE THE INCENTIVE for people to pick up their phones.

    The government should stop this nonsense of making drivers stop at every traffic light because their too cheap to implement a “green flow” pattern. “Green Flow,” for those of you who don’t know, is when you are driving the speed limit, and every light you approach turns green.

    Keep the driver driving and focused on the road instead of sitting idle all the time in traffic with nothing better to do.

  • Falco

    Hiding your device creates an even greater distraction. You would be safer just talking. NEVER TEXTING, E MAIL, etc. You have to be a mindless i***t to try that stuff.

  • Sam

    Amazing how many women I see doing this. I think, wow, they must have a fascinating vagina! Not that guys are any better but they seem to think that looking down to their sides is less conspicuous. It’s not. you see them all over the road. If you text and drive you’re a complete moron and should be charged with careless driving and the distracted driving, if we must have it, should be reserved to talking while on your cell. Talking on the phone imo is no more distracting than talking to the person beside you. Dialing is another story but talking? Give me a break.

  • V.A.G

    My Vagina’s on fire!!!

    • Peter

      You really should see a Dr about that… And tell your brother he should get tested too while you’re at it. :-p

  • boojay

    What’s truly ironic is that ever since these cell phone laws went into effect, people have had to resort to these methods (crotch staring) in order to avoid getting caught, and thus, taking their eyes off the road.

    What’s more dangerous, holding your phone in front of you and still facing the road, or looking down and having even more of your peripheral vision impaired?

  • Dave

    If using a cellphone or computer while driving is banned and illegal, why do Police officers still use their cellphones and use their computers while driving, why is it against the law for us but not them. I say if their aloud to use devices while driving so can I. If its dangerous for us, shouldn’t it be dangerous for them as well. The day the Police take out their on board computers out of their cars and don’t use their cellphones while driving so will I, but until then if they can do it, I’m going to continue doing it as well.

    • Val

      Dave, not agree with you. are you safe driving and talking? are you safe driving and texting? it is not your buss why the police using computers etc. there are rules and first, we have to follow those rules. if you do not like rules – fight about rules, make an effort to change rules. but if you live here, you have to obey rules.
      this way, tomorrow you would ask why they have a weapon in the car? just my opinoin

  • Dave

    The Police are NOT above the law, all Laws are for everyone. If they don’t obey the law, why should everyone else

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    @Brad F (dickless pic)

    Sorry you have to go through life looking like that.