Ubuntu teasing a tablet product for tomorrow’s HTC launch


  • James

    I honestly think it’s just a coincidence.

  • Lirodon

    I thought they designed their current Unity UI to be touch friendly too, leading to a similar duality concept to Windows 8…

    • aliwhatsit

      except not a clunky 2 tiered interface like w8

  • NienorGT

    Won’t be surprising, HTC’s Android tablets failed damn hard and was quickly forgotten and there where once rumors in the middle of last year that Microsoft even prevented HTC to make a Windows RT tablet last year.

    So, why HTC wouldn’t have looked elsewhere?

    • Haroon

      Actually, HTC’s failure was not because they made a bad tablet. It was because they priced it way too high. They were even more expensive than the Galaxy Tabs at that time. Ubuntu is still going to be an unknown OS on a tablet for most. Choosing that right now would be risky. HTC can definitely make a come back by an Android HTC One tablet which is priced less than a Nexus 10 (and spec’d as good) and HTC can expect sales. Price and best specs are the key factors here.

    • Tyrone

      So true. HTC Flyer released in May and discounted in December 2011. I hope they learn from their mistakes.

  • Mohamad Iskandar Arsad

    Can’t wait for Ubuntu Tab (^_^)

  • daksen

    nice 🙂

  • sam

    this really DISLIKE!!!!

  • Dylan.D

    I would totally buy an anroid tablet to convert to an ubuntu tablet.

  • SC

    Please release a 7 inch windows tablet

  • Rag3r

    That’s great and all but they will hit the same brick wall that blackberry did. If they don’t have a million garbage apps, they won be able to persuade the app hungry masses to switch over. Shame.

  • Wia

    The thumbnail from the facebook newsfeed.. kinda looks like it writes “c**k, tablet time!”

  • 1in0

    wow, another fucing tablet. give me a call when it comes with Kate Upton

  • yellowonfire

    So the goal of HTC is trying to fail like HP

  • MaXiM

    Ubuntu, on my TouchPad? The geek in me is drooling… 😎

  • Steve

    Weak… where’s the HTC Ubuntu release? LOL