TELUS to release the Nokia Lumia 620 for $250 outright, launch imminent


  • deltatux

    Looks like Nokia is being rather aggressive on the lower markets. The specs on this device is better than most budget Android devices. I’d probably be recommending this to my friends who are looking for a budget phone for sure.

  • robbers

    250$ is a great price.

  • blah

    Does this phone have pentaband?

    • JP

      According to GSMarena it is “HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100” so unlikely though sometimes phones have different frequencies in different regions.

    • Michael

      The 620 seems to be getting a lot of really positive press from around the web.

  • Ian Hardy

    Update, here’s the info from the doc: “UMTS/HSPA, 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz (21 Mbps)”

  • Peter

    Koodo will probably release it at 149$ . Wait.

    • JP

      I’d wager more likely $200 but that’s still not bad.

  • Oldschool

    It’s not pentaband unfortunately, and it’s actually $0 on a 2 year contract with no minimum commitment for consumer clients. The 3 year $0 is for business clients.

  • Nelson

    I’d still prefer the S2X at that price range, but a very decent entry level phone, especially if your looking for a Windows phone.

  • Sweet

    I hope this encourages more people to buy phones outright. Scrapping subsidies will allow independent retailers to start selling phones at prices that are determined by market forces instead of dictated by carriers.

  • Spiders in my urethra

    Looks like a great phone, I’m starting to see some low priced phones that I’d be happy to use daily. WP8 seems like a better choice for low and midrange devices (and let’s be honest here, the Lumia 920 kicks a*s on the high end too); Android really requires flagship specs to get the most of it.

  • Big Ang

    The 620 is a lot more like the 710 than the 610. The ClearBlack screen, camera, and the availability of different coloured backs are identical. The 710 was a great budget phone, and if the 620 is pentaband like the 710 is, I might consider upgrading.

    • migo

      The 710 was never pmntaband, and the 620 won’t be either.

  • freestaterocker

    My mom’s on TELUS and doesn’t have a smartphone yet… Think I’m gonna buy it for her!

  • thuan

    Why wont a budget phone like the lumia 620 be available on a less expensive carrier like windmobile. I dont understand

  • pbftw

    Lumia 710 is quad-band says on the box. Hopefully, the Lumia 620 will be it as well.

  • Kent

    What should I do now just picked up the Samsung Galaxy S2X for the same price? I really wanted this phone got impatient of waiting….got 14 days, any thoughts?

    • Howdidyougetthere

      Hah I did the same, only a month ago though. Personally, I wish I had waited for the Lumia (I had a Lumia 800 earlier, so I was familiar and comfortable with the OS). I thought the immense app selection on android would make the phone more useful. But now I’ve realized that on a daily basis, I don’t really use many apps. The S2X is a good phone, but the Lumia was so much smoother and nicer to use. However, notifications on the S2X arrive promptly, unlike on windowsphone where the notifications were delayed or not received at all (Whatsapp, Facebook, etc)
      GPS on the Lumia locked in about 3 seconds, whereas on the S2X is takes about 3 minutes sometimes. I rely heavily on GPS so that was a big issue for me. And so I ended up flashing Cyanogen mod, which is awesome. That’s the beauty of android, I guess; if you don’t like something about it, you can change it.

  • Rinedog

    Nice, I’ve been needing a Win 8 dev phone.

  • NoWorries

    is this going to be locked or unlocked?

  • Nathen

    I was going to buy one just to Load custom Firmwares on it like Ubuntu or Android but I noticed it had only 512MB Ram of internal memory 🙁

    The BIG positive that everyone should take from this is that hopefully this phone Sells Well and sends a message to the Manufactures and Carriers that PEOPLE dont want Phones on 3yr plans !!! Buying your device is the way to GO!

    Great low end budget phone for the price. To bad it wont be Customizable on anything but Win8.

    • EShy

      I’ve been buying unlocked smartphones for a while, combined with the cheaper MVNO prepaid plans (or the 30$ t-mobile plan I’m on now) it ends up costing less over the two years and I can easily switch between carriers if a better deal comes around or if I have some other issue with them.

      No contract is the only way to go

  • glonq

    Decent phone, but terrible price considering that there are bigger/better droids (SGS2X) for same or less money.

  • Taz

    Tell telus to get a 820 or 920, then we will talk