Rogers Samsung Galaxy S II LTE finally receives the Jelly Bean update


  • vn33

    Hopefully the Note is next !

  • Val

    Yep, it is downloading right now

  • Shaggyskunk

    Yawn – my rooted skyrocket has been running 4.2.2 aokp & cm roms for a week.
    The phone is over a year old now, and almost obsolete in comparison to the current crop of Android phones.
    Waiting for the carriers to release updates at their pleasure, is nuts.

  • Ryan

    And this is why I’ll never buy a non-Nexus Android device. This is completely ridiculous, why do people continue to support Samsung through this bullshit?

    • shawn

      I would hope you pin this “bullshit” on the proper source…..the hold up has been rogers not Samsung. lastly Samsung is the OEM to update os the fastest on their non nexus devices.

    • Cam C

      Because when I bought my S2 when it launched I liked what it could do for me WHEN I BOUGHT IT. If I didn’t like what it could do then I would have waited until a newer phone came out. Its not like the phone has been unusable with Gingerbread and ICS. I’m sick of all of you whiners who act like your phone is completely unusable without a firmware update. If you didn’t like that the phone didn’t have access to the newest version you should have just shut up and waited to buy a phone that had it since clearly you disliked the original version the phone came with. I bought my phone knowing there was a chance I could get access to newer firmware updates but it wouldn’t have been the end of the world because I knew what I was getting when I bought the phone.

      Whine whine whine, complain, complain, complain…..

  • joseph

    then what about rogers xperia T??? it should be before S2

    • nick

      i’d tell sony that?

  • CanadianMarijuana

    why the Fuc would they give that to an old s2 and not the S3 -_-

    • joseph niagara

      HERE HERE! Took the words right out of my mouth. Someone finally said it. My G3 stuck at 4.1.1 and and old S2 gets an update before us? wtf?!

    • nick

      just wanted to make sure ur aware that the only change in 4.1.2 is to update the auto correct and a minor bug fix….

  • John_hates_blackberry

    Mine upgraded perfectly. No issues. Time to see what’s new. 🙂

  • John_hates_blackberry

    Mine upgraded perfectly. No issues. Time to see what is new.

  • ASH

    this is the exact miss I was worried about, when I spent so long trying to arrive to an objective conclusion, on which is the OS for me. I am a proud Galaxy Note owner, with hindsight, and if I was to do it all again, I won’t choose anything over the Nexsus path, if I was to go Android…

    • nick

      ummmmm the note got 4.1.2 as well? maybe look into things before you spaz?

  • Inhert

    I upgraded this morning. Super happy about it except now my phone won’t connect to LTE network…

    Am I alone with this problem?

    • crocodile

      Same here. No LTE. Also noticed dramatic speed drop. I my office at work always received LTE signal. Now there is no network…

      Does anybody know how to downgrade to ICS????

  • Elias C.

    Now, can you get it out the door for the Note too Rogers?

  • jk

    yup, lost LTE…..”Robbers'” way of giving us the update….but taking away the LTE speed….. thanks for nothing Robbers!! one more year and I’m free from your contract!!

    • notamaiar

      Hmm. Citation please? I’m definitely seeing data speed differences from before.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Maybe the people who “lost” Lte should check their settings under More – Network – Preferred Network…… And enable LTE.

    • Inhert

      Maybe those people already checked their setting before posting and still not able to get LTE smartass…

    • crocodile

      Done it right after update. Still no LTE…

  • Michael

    4.1.2? *yawn* The train has left the station Rogers.

  • qu3becker

    Now, just need the same update on the Telus/Koodo Galaxy S II X. It’s the same phone except no LTE, NFC and gyroscope module is inverted.

    • Mark

      I got sick of waiting for the Telus update for the S2X…went the rom/root route and have had cm10 for 2 months. i don’t regret it 😀

    • Michael

      I have the Koodo version and it does have NFC.
      As for the update yeah, not holding my breath. I’ve learned there is no “should” or real rhyme/reason to these update rollouts.

    • Argonauts

      The Koodo version (T989D) has NFC. This update was supposed to be out by end of 2012 but I don’t think we will get it any time before March.

  • nekkidtruth

    Not sure what all the moaning is about. There are plenty of non-Nexus devices that are a heck of a lot better than the Nexus devices themselves. If you’re buying a non-Nexus device and complaining about something as lame as updates, learn to use custom ROM’s. Your life will be much easier. Most custom ROM’s release the latest/greatest version of Android BEFORE they even get pushed to Nexus devices. That’s not even taking into account the many features/optimizations custom ROM’s bring to any given phone.

  • Mike

    How long is this supposed to take? I accepted and started the update 45min ago and it looks like it is going through an endless up and down process. Anyone else having problems.

    • Val

      Mike, it took like 10 min, on wi-fi

  • mike

    I hope Samsung will give my samsung galaxy s2x jelly bean update soon.

  • Dan

    Success on the upgrade here…Just hate the fact that after every upgrade all my screens/apps get reset and I have to add them all back to where I want them…:(

    • nekkidtruth

      @Dan, should consider rooting and installing Titanium Backup.

  • DJ

    You have not lost LTE. This package updates the display of networks so “4G” is LTE, H+ is the old “4G”. Test it yourself by going wcdma only then flipping back to lte if you like.

    • Inhert

      Oh! Now I feel stupid.

      Well that’s good to know. Thank you.

    • crocodile

      Ok please explain why at work I had “LTE” before and now it is “E” and my network speed test yesterday showed 24151kbs and currently it is 42kbs. Or maybe Rogers converted old kb/s too the new kb/s so now 1 new kb/s = 500 old kb/s ???

  • borghead

    Bell, Virgin and Rogers. Once again, Telus brings up the rear. Way to go Telus ! NOT

    • Neil

      Beg to differ, Bell has not released Jellybean for S2 LTE yet

  • kirk

    I keeping getting ‘No update available’ and am still running 4.0.4.

    I’m trying OTA, but will try Kies when I’m home. Any thoughts on how to get OTA working?

    I’ve tried restarting.

    • Val

      kirk, are you on wifi or rogers connection? may be you have wifi only and checking on rogers? just to check

  • royf29

    I hope they will bring the S3 to 4.1.2 soon. Its kind of a shame that a 2 year old device has a higher version than the current top one

  • Tim

    Shame there is still no 4.1 on the Optimus G.

  • Mark Eldridge

    I lost LTE network access on my update to Jelly Bean.

    H+ is 21 Megabits. That is what is pseudo 4G
    I am only get <20 megabits down. So I am NOT on LTE. I should have 75 Megabits down (which usually looks like 50 Megabits)

    So to whoever said that LTE is now being shown as 4G is wrong.

  • Mark Eldridge

    I take it back…. After a reboot of the phone does now show my speed at around 50 Mbps, which is reasonably LTE. Yet 4G is showing as the label.

    So I retract my previous comment.

  • Mark Eldridge

    PS: Rogers support staff does NOT know about the relabelling. They are attempting to upgrade phones for us at their end, as they can’t explain it. They said: “Surely they wouldn’t have relabelled them.” LOL Guess they were wrong.

  • DJ

    Mark, glad you figured it out. I should have said I tested the speed too, thought the simple test would be enough. Does it really surprise you they didn’t know they did it haha? Maybe one person knows somewhere. I think it caused all this confusion because they also reused the 4G label which up to yesterday was “bad” for LTE users. LTE and H+ would have been unambiguous labels.

  • Mike

    Where did my swype go! SHITAUEOTHISUTGBFSU!

    • kirk

      any luck finding swype?

    • Shayne

      Mike, its still there, go into your samsung keyboard settings and its in there as “Continuous Input” turn it on and away you go!

  • Mike


  • Neil

    Telus SGS2X has LTE (4G) and NFC. Its software is allot less bloated then Rogers to.

  • Jose Melo

    I just got off the phone with rogers 2nd level support and they are clueless as to why this is happening? They think I got the firmware ment for bell gsm and wcdma. lol clueless saying that i am the only one with this issue.

  • Cam C

    I’ll be doing my upgrade when I get home. Will take a look at the label and do speedtests to see if I lose my LTE speeds. If I still get my LTE speeds but it just says 4G I won’t care that much as long as I can still get the correct service.

  • Burl

    After 6pm in Hamilton ON, no updates here.

  • Gerald

    Mike your a lifesaver!

  • love my S2 Hate rogers

    I got the update and noticed I can’t contnect to LTE. so I did some speed test and it looks like I’m connected to LTE even thou my phone says 4g. call rogers tech support and, as per normal they where no help. they did confirm for me that the speeds i am getting are LTE. After that they said I had to call Samsung.

  • sailor

    I like some of the new features but my phone blinks now and i cant use instagram. I have an s2. Anyone else have this problem? Also the keyboard is so different and the letter boxes are so small now i can hardly type. This makes me want to toss this pos in the river. 🙁

  • Jagators

    Galaxy S2 probably getting 4.1.1 same as Note 2

  • I hate LG!!!

    I just recently got an Optimus G and it is still ruining on ICS! I had a S2 LTE, it was a great phone and is over a year older than the G but yet manages to run a newer version of Android! Good job Samsung, LG… not so much!

  • Paul

    Updated and now my Allshare App is gone. What Features does Jelly Bean come with for the Galaxy S2 LTE From Rogers?
    All i know is That the ALLSHARE APP is gone,No Smart Stay,No Svoice.. It just looks different With the new TouchWiz..

    Anyone Know anything About the Allshare App..

  • Cam C

    Updated – I had LTE pop up for me. LTE is spotty in my house where I’m mostly with mid 4G coverage but I do get it. After I had completed the update and power cycled it popped up while I was uninstalling an app. So far so good for me I guess. The real test is when I go to pick up my gf from work tomorrow where I know there’s guaranteed full 5 bar LTE.

  • Raphael

    after the update; my samsung galaxy s2
    does not connect to Fido LTE network

  • Largeblackbear

    Best part is after updating via Kies I no longer have and Rogers logo at boot/powerdown.

    • Val

      yes, I even did not notice it:-)
      does it matter?

  • EveryonesOpinion

    I got it with no problems.
    My one question though is where’s AllShare?

    • Cam C

      Sorry man – can’t answer that as I don’t use it 🙁

  • Rahim

    Anyone know if the version of Music Hub that comes with Jelly Bean allows us Canadians to access it?

    I have an older version of Samsung Music Hub on Ice Cream Sandwich that allows me to access 7 Digital’s music site as a Canadian.

    The newer versions of Music Hub stop me dead in my tracks and tell me that the service is not available in Canada.

    Anyone try Music Hub on Jelly Bean? Does it work for Canadians?

  • Sanny

    Anyone having big battery drains from bluetooth ? ? I haven’t had it on in ages, but it is constantly draining 40-50% of my battery at all times. Tried battery pull, rebooting still having the same issue. Also, I’m in Toronto, I still see the LTE and 4G names on my phone.

    • notamaiar

      Had that issue yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared after power cycling.

  • Dan

    So I reset my device back to the way I liked it in ICS and all is good….except…..holy battery drain batman! I have the double battery in mine and before I would leave home in the morning at 100%, I would return home in the evening at about 60%. It is noon and I am down to 40%.

  • Paul

    Just Updated my Galaxy S2 LTE SGH-I727R to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and Now My Allshare App is gone. Does anyone Know What is Included in the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update As There is NO Smart Stay,Svoice,Scloud,and Allshare. Anyone else missing Allshare or any other Apps?

  • Tom

    I’ve been running 4.1.2 since October, and 4.2.2 since last week on my S2 LTE. CyanogenMod is way ahead of the curve.

  • Richard

    Called Rogers tonight… apparently Samsung released the American version of the jelly bean update in Canada. Tech said to do a restore… So like some kind of a noob I’ve been trying even though I know it’s not going to work as I never backed up my phone before the upgrade cause it was done “over the air”.

    Kies… there’s a joke in itself. Unreliable, buggy, memory hog.

    Pfft… horse s**t is what this is…

  • Tony

    So has anyone found a definitive way to fix this “not showing LTE” issue?

  • Jasper Huxley

    I bought a new Samsung 46″ smart tv and I got a Galaxy S2 phone to go with because I loved the Allshare feature. Best new thing I have used in years – I could take a quality video of my newborn son and show it to his grandma on the tv in an instant. Happily used Allshare for 2 weeks. Then the phone got the Jellybean update last night and… NO ALLSHARE.

    Why would you do this? I feel so ripped off right now.

  • Joe

    I still have gingerbread and tried to update to jelly bean using kies. Now kies is saying my firmware is not supported for the update. Anyone know how to get around this?

  • Mr.Harder

    This update will disappoint you! My SII LTE was nice and quick with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), and I really loved the phone…. When it updated to JB 4.1.2, it became a fat pig! It isn’t super slow, however there is a noticeable lag when you try to open contacts, memo pad, apps… etc. Enough to make you long for your ICS back! And the keyboard is terrible! It’s got the (non) predictive and the swype has gone to crap.