WIND opens shop in Windsor, expands coverage in other locations and now reaches 14 million Canadians




  • converse

    Wind has been doing well. I was with Wind when they started out in Calgary since early summer this year when Koodo came out with the 6GB national plan.

    Wind is defiantly good value for money, but in the end, you get what you pay for.

  • wes

    Screw you VIDEOTRON!!!! I WANT WIND IN QUEBEC!!!!!! Calling and unlimited data @ a decent price!!!!! Videotron’s prices are worse than the big 3.

    • OgtheDim

      Then get Wind to buy spectrum there…..oh wait.

    • Josh L

      Move to Gatineau. We have Wind here. Fairly good coverage and i believe they offer local 819 numbers now as well.

    • wes

      @ Josh L… I’m studying @ UofSherbrooke.. It’s an 819 number… I wonder if that makes a difference 😛

    • wes

      @ Josh L. how come gatineau has wind, but the rest of quebec doesn’t? Isn’t gatineau in quebec? :S

    • Acco

      Cause it’s likely that Wind was able to get that spectrum for the area, and Videotron didn’t.

    • Jon

      For spectrum purposes, Gatineau is part of Ottawa. Both WIND and Videotron has spectrum there. WIND doesn’t have spectrum anywhere else in Quebec…. well they do have some strange frequencies in northern QC but it’s useless at the moment because it’s not compatible with any phones.

  • 2c

    wind again grrabbed big 3 by the balls and chopped them off

    by the way RIP RIM

  • Vince

    Anyone know what the preregistration promo is? I’m at work until 7 and they won’t tell me over the phone. Planning on signing up 3 lines.

    • mobileservice

      You get a $50 credit for every line you sign up with WIND so for you that will be $150 extra in savings. It is applied to your 3rd monthly bill.

  • aliwhatsit

    Good job Wind! Make the big 3 sweat.

  • TestMe

    GO WIND GO!!!

  • Hunkyleepickle

    What kind of speeds do ppl on wind generally get anyway?

    • aliwhatsit

      surprisingly good. I’m in Waterloo and I get approx 7-10mbps down and Mbps up.

      I have the Amaze 4g with optimised baseband.
      With the same phone on telus i was getting 4-6mbps.

    • bobfreeze

      I’m in South Kitchener and my speeds aren’t quite that good (2-4 Mbps down) as I only get 3 bars – still usable though. I notice that Wind’s speeds vary greatly depending on where you are, the epitome of “your mileage may vary”

      Still beats making a monthly car payment to the Big 3!

    • Kyle Tuck

      Varies wildly. I drive through various Wind Zones, and many are okay (2 to 4Mbps down, 1.5 to 2Mbps up). It’s not LTE/4G, but definitely usable without feeling too slow.

      Sadly, where I live (Hamilton), I generally get 1.5 to 2.5Mbps down, but only about 80 to 90Kbps (0.08Mbps to 0.09Mbps) up, which makes it unusable for things like Hangouts, Skype, or cloud storage.

    • Gene

      I average 8.5 down in toronto and mississauga (home and work)

  • Just a little more

    Once they have full coverage to Lake Simcoe from the 400 I’m switching.

  • aliwhatsit

    next cities to cover:

    And 40x highways

    That would pretty much wrap up Southern Ontario. People will be more likely to join if everywhere they’re likely to travel to is covered.

  • Bongo

    @wes Your prayers may be answered hopefully soon. Quebecor is losing money big time (which also owns Videotron). Hopefully they can get bought out by Wind (to allow Wind to enter Quebec).

    • wes

      @ Bongo, I can only hope. But I highly doubt it. Quebecor is a
      Quebec company (i think). The government will probably figure a way to modify things to their favor. Plus Videotron has a monopoly on the french speaking quebecers (generalisation). They’ll get rid of things outside of quebec before they sell their money maker (videotron = quebec’s version of rogers).

  • FormerWindCustomer

    Did Wind ever fix the problems calling landlines in Nova Scotia?

    Did they ever fix the customer service issues?

  • Crusader

    How about expanding coverage at Wasaga beach. I’m sure most of wind customers goes there during Summers. Past summer when I was there, people around play with their smartphone, but I can’t because I was in roaming area and I don’t want to pay roaming rate. Please Wind, expand ur coverage at Wasaga Beach. Hope everybody push Wind to get there. Go wind Go.

  • Kim Jong ILL

    Get a Sumsumg and support me!!
    Youre dear Leader!

    • jonny

      Boy are you ignorant.

      1. Samsung is in SOUTH Korea, not North Korea.
      2. Kim Jong Il is dead.

  • Justin

    Maybe if the WIND network wasn’t such a joke I would switch. Thanks but no thanks. Going to stick with Virgin

    • Brent

      your a Moron kid! you can’t expect the network to be as stong as Bell’s (VIRGIN) as they just launched in 2010!! GREAT networks are not built Bell has been around for decades! give them some time

    • Brent

      Overnight, *

  • Pablo Moses

    Good job, just waiting that they connect the 416 and 401 from Ottawa till Toronto.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Still no service in West Rouge (Scarborough)

  • Raid

    Just cover the rest of the 401 (from Kitchener to London then London to Windsor) and they’ll be set.

  • nely

    Just get in Quebec and I’ll sign up today

  • 5Gs

    I am with wind every since they launched. My first headphone set was samsaung gravity.. Today i am proud SGalaxy Note 2 Wind customer.. We are going up with the WIND 😉

  • Scott

    How about Victoria BC? Come on Wind! Really need some competition out here!

  • Vince

    @Mobileservice thanks bud, that’s a decent promo

  • sean

    Good job wind! Now finish covering the 400 series highways and Highway 11 up to Muskoka. Cottagers from the GTA will likely not switch until they can use their phones at the cottage without roaming.

  • JP

    @Justin, did you say you were going to stick with being a virgin?

  • Aregularh0mo

    Poor windies the fb page flooded with issues on reception and the lack of support! ha haaa for sale yet again..

  • MattyMattMatt

    Correction: “now reaches 14 million Canadians”
    Should read: “now reaches 14 million Canadians with terrible speeds and reception”

  • aregularonhofo

    Love the way Wind Mobile is absolutely destroying both Mobilicity and Public Mobile, I guess Rocco hasn’t heard of Samir yet and I just hope his plans goes through in the new year…still the up-and-coming auction should be great also for Globealive and why the incumbents are finally starting to worry. Even the CRTC will be up their azz soon and the signs of weakening are starting to show as everything takes time. Let the trolls troll, Wind is financially alive while growing and expanding and their plans are raising sufficient capital….meanwhile Mobilicity are forced to sell unlimited plans under $15 just to stay alive with the worse data in the market void of any improvements and still allowing crooked dealers like Parkway to continue operating with no concerns about customer care. Do your part guys, get your friends/relatives to switch/join Wind and be as vocal as you can…the other new entrants can go to hell and there will only be one winner in the end.

  • aregularonhofo


    You wouldn’t believe how close you are to the truth! He! He!He!

  • tJ

    14 million reach and only 500,000 Canadians have signed up ? I don’t blame , Wind but I blame all the other fools who can go with wind but still prefer to get hosed by the Big 3.

    They cry about , whine and complain about how the Big 3 are gouging them etc , but they refuse to vote with their wallet and leave the Big 3 and go with companies like Wind , Mobilicity etc , even though these companies will do the same for them as the Big 3 but for 1/3 the price.

    I understand Wind is not for everyone , but for most people who are with the Big 3 , Wind can do exactly the same for them as the Big 3. Its ( Wind ) more than enough for what they do with their phones .

  • jesseps

    I would switch to WIND, but seeing they have no coverage in Quebec. I am stuck with all these money suckers like; Fido/Rogers, Videotron, Bell and Telus.

    • jesseps

      I mean’t more or less, no coverage in Quebec. I guess all we can hope for is that CRTC opens up the mobile market to foreign companies and they can have fun putting a beating on Bell, Telus and Rogers/Fido

  • Zii

    In Windsor, is the download speeds upto 21Mbps or just the regular 2-4 Mbps?

  • George

    STRATFORD, ontario should be next!

  • John

    Windsor I did a speed test and was over 10mbps

  • John

    Windsor also has full signal everywhere I have driven so far no issues

    • Franco

      Are you sure you were not roaming while driving? Did you drive from Lasalle to Manning road. Did You go downtown by the river to see. Just curious.

  • Todd

    I’m thinking about switching but I work at Windsor Crossing Outlet mall which is pretty close to the edge of coverage. Has anybody been out there yet and can comment on the signal strength you were able to get? THX!

  • Todd

    Any idea how good the signal is at teh windsor crossings outlet mall? I work out there.

  • Lisa Vince

    When is it coming to Chatham Ontario ?