Rogers could be preparing to launch the Nokia Lumia 920 in yellow


  • lukeiphone

    They have to. Black isn’t selling to well and I am sure they realized that. They have to make a return on the exclusivity contract they signed with NOKIA.

    • Hugues

      What do you mean black isn’t selling too well… have you tried getting your hands on one? It’s sold out pretty much everywhere.



    • Eddie54

      Actually black isnt selling very well….
      I have two Lumia 920s for family arriving this afternoon and we were only 180 on the reservation list form rogers…

      I am buying mine unlocked in yellow but am so fed up with not being able to get one already…I would LOVE if rogers releases the yellow!!! Please Rogers…

      I’ve also been told that Rogers phones are being sold as unlocked, irregardless so that is something positive to consider for some even if you are wanting black if it is unlocked.

    • JohnCash

      Ha! this article is simply Amazing!
      “There is a picture out there that says: “Rogers phone” and has a yellow phone in it”

      And from there you get the conjecture of a yellow phone?

      Nokia gave the exclusive of the 920 to Rogers in BLACK only for 5 months.

      If the phone were coming in other colour Rogers would have put it in their website as “Coming Soon” just like they announce everything that is withing 2 months away.

      Yes, The 920 is a beautiful phone, expensive and complicated to make. The phone is made out of Aluminium, so every scratch reveals the silver color of the Al. Nokia has been working on a hardening methd to develop the Coating. On top of that Can you forecast WHICH colour will sell better in which markets??
      -There is reaon why Manufacturers sell phones in black or grey and then let final users to get the case in the colour they want.

      Rogers WILL be getting the 920 in other colour than Black, but it will be at the same time as everybody else. Rogers made a mistake by getting this exclusive and Nokia made a mistake by releasing it only in Black, at least in North America…again!

      The only thing that could push the sales is a price drop just like every other phone over $500 now.

    • Keith


      If you click on the source link you would see the yellow is already showing up in a Nokia SKU listing for Rogers.

    • TheCyberKnight

      What are you talking about? The Lumia 920 isn’t made of aluminum but from polycarbonate. Scratches will never reveal anything but the unibody color.

      You just have no clue what you’re talking about. Troll.

  • ASH

    Pardon my ignorance. But I really don’t understand all this. It is becoming like a dark mystery! Why can’t the carriers carry all the colors from day one. Or lets say more variety! To give the user some choice, rather than no choice….

    • Keith

      I agree Ash. I’ve been thinking and I cannot come up with a single reason as to why Rogers would not offer colour choices for the 920–so far they are the only one in the world doing this that I’ve seen so far. Meanwhile Telstra in Austrailia offered the 920 in Yellow, Red, Black and White and sold out all colours in the first day. Are you listening Rogers–you’re already losing sales to places like Clove and Expansys and if you’re going to offer colours then for frack sake offer all colours.

    • tech

      Tell me about it. especially this phone. which takes less than 10 minutes to change the case. if dont carry all colour phone atleast carry case and change in on demand. AND not charge for it.

  • Alex

    Now, that is what I am talking about. Cool, I will get the phone when the yellow comes.

    • QC_Al

      LOL. Dunno if I detect a note of sarcasm in there but well put.

      Really…this is news?

  • ile2010

    I wasn’t hard to get one once the phone was officially launched (November 14). I got it right away and then several stores phoned me to tell me that it’s arrived.

    It won’t sell all that well because there’s no unlocking solution yet. I don’t know many people that are dying to sign up with Rogers. I wasn’t able to unlock it, so I returned it.

    • Hugues

      There are reports on xda-developers of people who have successfully unlocked via Rogers (not via a third party selling codes though) and used it on Telus, etc.

      Also, apparently it works on Fido without the unlock, which kinda makes sense.

      Either way, I’m in that boat. I don’t really want to go to Rogers so I’m stuck with my HTC Surround.

  • Fish

    Is this really news?

  • Olerius

    Why would anyone pick a yellow phone? It’s going to show dirt/oil/grease/other-muck within days of use, let alone over the course of the 3 yr contract.

    You could get a case, but that would completely defeat the point of a yellow phone…

  • Toronto Marlins

    Great catch, mobilesyrup! Now if only they can offer the matte cyan 920 as well.

  • RMB

    Still holding out for red…

  • Faagmer

    Sadly, I asked our Nokia representative for our Rogers stores and he told me that Rogers hasn’t made any requests to Nokia as of yet for any other colors, such as yellow.

    Sucks =s

  • bblol

    I hope they launch it in yellow!!! The black one is a deal breaker for me… Who would even want a black phone? That’s just ridiculous.

  • Vincent W

    Telus will be selling this phone in December. I might just end up waiting till then.

    • Hugues

      What makes you say that? Because… I really want it to happen hahaha

  • coolbean

    I would go for black over yellow any day

    • jack

      only phones and not women i hope.

  • QC_Al

    Oh Oh, I know, I’ll get a black one, then I’ll get a case in every colour of the rainbow! Then I won’t have to worry about my belt or shoe colour every day! Hooray for metrosexuals and bimbo’s who buy based on how pretty and shiny an object is rather than its usefulness and functionality.

    • Vincent W

      Usefulness and functionality is of course the number one consideration but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t have a choice in colours. It’s no different than buying a car. First you decide which car/phone you want based on usefulness and functionality, then you choose your colour.

    • Keith

      It sounds like you feel a bit threatened by phones that are not black which is kind of strange. This phone is big enough and tough enough that you don’t want or need a case for it.

  • Vincent W

    “Nokia offers separate software versions for each colour offered by AT&T”

    Really? I don’t see the point of that. Give each colour a separate SKU if you want sales stats by colour but why on earth would you need unique software installed?

    • jack

      cause u need different default wallpapers for each different color DUH!

    • Camel

      Pure speculation/educated guess, but I’m pretty sure this is just so the OS is pre-configured to show the tile colours that match the case colour on first startup. The “firmware” SKU’s are probably just so the monkey in the AT&T factory loads the right image onto the device.

  • CD

    I have a feeling Rogers is only going to get one more colour. And if yellow is the colour, then that was the wrong choice. Yellow is the least popular of the colour options for the 920. They should have chosen white. That’s why iPhones come in black and white, such an obvious choice.

    • Vincent W

      Based on what I’ve been reading online most people seem to be requesting red, yellow and cyan as the top three choices.

    • Jason Brown

      it is not the least wanted colour. it just has not become available for order on any of the carriers this side of the pond. they only have stats on the phones they let people preorder.

  • bobfreeze

    This whole colour thing reminds me of the days when people would spend $50 a month on ringtones.

  • David

    My Lumia 920 just arrived at the Rogers store, going to pick them up in an hour..can’t wait!!

    I’ll definetly sell the black one on eBay and pick up the yellow one, eventually.

    • Eddie54

      Mine arrived too..going to pick up today!

  • Andy

    I’m more interested in having Gelaskins offer a skin for the 920. That way it doesn’t matter what colour it is… just wrap it in a quality skin. Get tired of the colour? Pull it off and re-wrap it.

    We need more people emailing Gelaskins asking them to offer skins for the 920.

    • QC_Al

      Hmmm common sense. Dunno what all the excitement is over colour selection…they’re not frick’n skittles.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    oh Lord, that thing looks huge!
    Nokia has successfully created the first ever boat phone!
    So big and chunky, ahahaha


    • Keith

      Well Nokia could be like Apple and only offer 1 screen size per model. But then that would be awfully dumb of them.

  • Arid

    Well Microsoft store opened at yorkdale today, maye they have other colors?

  • TheCK

    Finally! It looks like Rogers may be offering this 920 in something else than boring black.

    I’ve been holding off my purchase until Rogers offers it in yellow or until I find an unlocked yellow one, whichever comes first.

    • Eddie54

      Exactly…Negri electronics, both have the yellow unlocked but no sign of when…
      However, expansys should have unlocked yellow at&t phones in for 615 if you dont want to pay 775-800 for non branded unlocked, but they say they have them unlocked too..

      I’m waiting for unlocked yellow from rogers, or am waiting for one of these other options to eb available first..

  • landragon

    Picked up the last black one today. I like black, none of those goofy colors that scream “mug me”. Yes the blacks are selling.

  • swizzlerz

    im going to wait it out till december or january… to see what else telus may offer. the longer i wait the more cheaper the phone becomes as im buying out my curent contract. also… the rumor of the surface phone has cought my attention. and i have a feeling as the 800 came to telus in march that could be why there not pushing 8 as much…

  • gwydionjhr

    I think the yellow colour was limited to MS Stores, so perhaps, this was Rogers listening to consumers asking for anything other than black, and they got what was available.

    Whatever… I’ll Take It!

  • Darren Sproat

    FYI – I received my Lumia 920 from Rogers pre-order yesterday, activated it, obtained an unlock code, and switched over to SaskTel’s network with no issues. I absolutely love this phone.

    • Asad

      Can you please mention your source for the unlock code? I am interested to buy 920 from Rogers if it announces in Yellow or one from AT&T. I just need to be sure if it will be unlocked.
      Thanks for help.

  • David

    SOLD OUT at Rogers. I just got off the phone and they said they will be getting more, but don’t know when. If you speak to Rogers Customer Relations they will cut the hardware upgrade fee in half. I bought 4 Lumia 900 phones when they first came out and am upgrading 2 of them to 920’s.

  • Eithel

    Hey People!


    I bought my Lumia yellow 920 and it is shipping TODAY!
    There are currently two sites that I got pre-order confirmations for….

    Axiomtelecom in the United Arab Emirates &
    GSMnation which is in the USA I think…

    Anyways, I paid $750 after shipping from Axiom Telecom for mine, while GSM Nation would be 788 and I believe free shipping to the USA.

    My money was locked in at Axiom but I got an email confirmation two days ago from gsm nation telling me if i paid my phone would be shipped right away…