Gold version of BlackBerry 10 SDK launching for developers on December 11th


  • lukeiphone

    They should make an SDK where you just drag and drop .apk or .ipa files and it converts to blackberry format. I mean, common, who wants to wait 5 years till they match android or apple’s app store numbers?

    • BBDev

      They already have a bunch for .apk (they even have an online one where you upload the .apk and it gives you back the .bar)

    • JohnCash

      For those who are not familiar with the Software development tree of RIM:
      SDK= Software Developer Kit (The Tools and rules for developers to creat software in a specific platform)

      At RIMis goes Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum then Final release.

      So if the SDK WILL be in the GOLD stage stage on Dec 11th, there are still a few months to go, once you reach Titanium things go faster so maybe they will have the SDK functional by February, then release the phones in March.

    • JohnCash

      “Incredibly easy to make $$ developing for Blackberry”??

      Developers have to make money to pay their Rent NOW!

      How can developers MAKE MONEY on a platform that doesn’t exists?

      Why would a developer, spend time and energy developing for an ecosystem that doesn’t have phones to sell??

      RIM is fighint the e-chicken dilemma:
      Customers won’t buy BB10 phones because there are no apps and Developers won’t develop because there are no customers; of course there are no phones and there is no interest either.

    • hoo dat

      Your timing’s off JC; RIM has already confirmed the launch of BB10 and BB10 hardware for January 30th with availability in major markets within 10 days after that and the rest of the world before the end of the month. Although I think all markets being covered by the end of February is a little ambitious, I can’t see why most of their markets wouldn’t be covered by then.

  • JV

    Good to see them putting the final little pieces in play before they set there plan in motion, and see what happens.
    I hope it works out for them, The OS, and the rumored Hardware looks Promising. I’m cautiously optimistic.

    • tech

      Looks like blackberry side menu will be like facebook app right now. drag from side to enter menu

  • jeff

    That’s a great idea! I can’t decide if I want the HTC 8X in purple, or the Lumia 920 in red.

    What’s Blackberry 10 anyways, yet another Android skin based on the coverage I have seen

    • hoo dat

      You don’t read well, do you, Jeff?

    • QC_Al

      I don’t know if Jeff doesn’t read well or just reads headlines and looks at pictures. ANYONE who has really watched the live demos and leaked footage can see that this is unlike anything alse. And if anyone thinks RIM has layed all its cards on the table…

    • JohnCash

      RIM=Kardashians of the industry; everybody talks about them but nobody wants to be seen with one in the hand.

    • bb

      speak for yourself johncash….i hear qnx did well at ces…another bonus. the only people who really use there cell phone as a status symbol have issues and need to work on themselves. i’m proud of my blackberry, especially when it takes a second to fire off emails

  • Dave

    I really do hope it works for them and they do continue to grow, and to those saying things like “too little too late RIM” on posts such as these, can just fall in a ditch and stay there.

  • John Marshall

    I haven’t used Windows Phone 8 yet, but it’s had a lot of good coverage and I too like the idea of the platform. Count me in for a WP8 carrier+model+color launch party

    • Simon

      WTF does Windows8 have to do with this? If you want a Windows 8 device try this “Google Search”.

    • hoo dat

      John Marshall is Jeff is Is This BB10?.

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!!

    • Simon

      Can we assume, in your little world only 2 players should exist? I don’t think you realize the magnitude of a company like RIM RIP. You are talking about thousand of direct jobs being lost along with 10’s of thousands of others who work for companies that do business with RIM.
      Also, try to remember they started the mobile email craze being the first to offer push email when others offered the Go look for it yourself email.

    • JohnCash

      Let’s talk about facts:
      Yes RIM started everything.
      Yes thousands of jobs will be lost (all over the world not only in Canada)
      Yes, I know a Dave that works at RIM

      But this is not enough to make people buy a GM car; sorry a Blackberry.

      I buy my phone because I can hold it in my hand, becuse I can’t make calls with an artist rendition (see pic above)and because IT EXISTS!
      Because its at a nice price $380 shipped, for example.
      Because is unlocked
      Because it has the fastest upgrades and because it has a lot of apps, and offers me a reselling value.

      If RIM doesn’t make a phone that people like, that is their

      The issue is simple. The jobs from RIM, and Nokia are simply being transfered into Apple Google and now Microsoft.
      If the blackberry pie-store doesn’t make good pies anymore, they will simply go to the store that sells candied-APPLES or to the candy store that sells JELLY BEANS. Then if nobody buys pies the store will close, pretty simple!

    • Simon

      What you are forgetting is Blackberry as 80 million pies still being eaten.. If only 10 to 15% of them upgrade to BB10 hardware that makes for 8 to 12 million pies. I think that many pies is a viable business unlike the Microsoft you speak of.

      Also, let me remind you that GM has also reported strong earning of late since they emerged from Bankruptcy in the US. Once the dead wood was cleared away and their core business was built on it would seem they have flourished. Nokia on the other hand got into bed with Microsoft and hasn’t reported anything but huge losses.

      I believe there is room for 3 players. Having your own OS and hardware approach like Apple will make the difference. Plus, North America is a mature market, there is still lots of customers outside of the US that believe in the Brand.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    The astrotrufers are hilarious. What’s even better, is people can now associate Windowsphone8 with online trolls. Even more hilarious, after billions spent and 2 years in the market, RIM still has more customers than windowsphone 7/8.

    • Brad

      almost at the 80 million mark.

      Its amazing how many people cannot read on the internet. they should limit the internet with those who can pass a basic literacy test.

      And to everyone else who feels the need to hate BB10 or THE10 is not a skin on Android or Linux. If any one of you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that linux is the kernal and the kernel alone. or for all intensive purposes a combination of the kernel and the hardware.

      BB10 uses a microkernel hence not linux, not android, not a fork nothing

      It is new from the ground up and it is not an operating system it is a mobile computing system.

      and for all the other i****s, YES THIS IS BB10!

  • Trev

    What’s with all the rip rim? Do people have minds of their own or you all just lemmings? Fkn fandroids and isheep, get a life. Rim is gonna kick a*s. Go Canada!

  • Herbul B.

    Heh, I promise you that you will chuckle a little when you realize that the “RIP RIM” and “RIM is too late” people check out every single article about RIM, and follow the news about the company religiously.

    Furthermore, a fair amount of them will probably OWN a BlackBerry after it’s all said and done.

    That’s Internet for you, folks!


  • Paul

    It seems like RIM listened to people and it is good to see them actively going after developers. To anyone who complains about app numbers all I have to say is this. It’s the quality of the app that counts not the quantity. I would rather have 100, 000greta apps than a larger number with a bunch of mediocre or poor ones built in. Just say you have a larger number. Most people install no more than 50 apps on their phones anyway.

  • Brad

    Why are there so many illiterate people out there ?

    Yes this is BB10 and no its not linux or android.

    Linux is the kernel and android is the combination of this modified kernel with the hardware.

    BB10 has a completely new MicroKernel built from the ground up to not be a cellphone OS kernel but a mobile computing platform

    They should limit they internet and no not Like SOPA or any of that bull s**t they should not allow people on here who cannot pass a simple reading/writing test.

  • ritch121

    Forget it BB.

    Who needs a new OS/platform anyway? Android > everything else

  • Why

    Can someone explain to me why it’s so ugly?

    • hoo dat

      Was it really impossible for you to have been able to read “Dev Alpha”?

    • Brad

      can someone tell me why you cannot read or do research. this is the Dev Alpha A in this photo.

      no one likes a dumb A S S

    • Why

      I’m willing to bet you the final version won’t look much different or even at all.

  • Because

    Because BB fanboys are fruits.

    • Raid

      And Android fanboys are…well….androids.

  • aryana

    …and Andriod fanboys are Sandwitched LOL

  • some guy

    Well, I am definitely an Android fan, but anything RIM can bring to the table that pushes innovation forward is a welcome sight. After all the litigation nonsense around the world, BB10 is long overdue.
    I just hope they don’t follow suit with their previous releases and make a solid, *essentially* bug free experience, right from launch.

  • samantha jones

    BOOOO YEAH I LOVE BLACKBERRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • QC_Al

    Hey JohnCash. Please keep posting your infantile non-sensical comments. They’re great for my afternoon comedy relief.

  • Collin

    Oh god, who cares, this os looks like crap and isn’t bringing anything new to the table.

    • hoo dat

      Really? Explain why that is, Collin. Because even at the most basic level BB10 has no baring to anything out of Google and Apple and is completely new from the ground up. I’m a little confused by what you mean by “isn’t bringing anything new to the table”, perhaps you could enlighten us, please be as technically detailed as you can be. Seems like you know it all, now here’s you chance to prove it.

  • Dan

    Is C++ currently enabled on iPhone and Android?