WIND Mobile has over 500,000 subscribers


  • Beso

    yea sure … how many did they loose to the last 6GB plans the other carriers offered a month ago!

    • 0defaced


      nice try.

  • TJ

    Great can’t wait for them to reach 1 million subscribers , by next year 🙂 . After getting gouged by the Big 3 , especially Bell and Robbers , we finally have a choice. Wind Mobile has improved considerably since their launch, the initial hiccups are over. If you live in Wind’s coverage its much better to go with them than the Big 3. Mobilicity is not bad either.

    • sicpuppy

      They haven’t put a dent in big 3 yet .

    • jonny

      sicpuppy, yes they have. while the new entrants dont have a big marketshare yet, they big 3 have been forced to lower their prices.

    • blacklisted

      Congratulations Wind on making 1/3rd of your 3 year subscriber forecast for the end of 2012 announced when you first went on the air back in 2009.

      600,000 will get you to 40% of your goal. It’s nice to hear you keep lowering your forecasts so you can ultimately reach your goal.

  • Yannick Wolfe

    weren’T they aiming for like 1 millions subscribers after a year or so?

    now like 2-3 years later they have 500 000 subs?

    not doing so great, Wind. Just like Videotron in Quebec, the are prisonners of their Frequency and cheap handset choices.

    • Scott

      I think Wind’s slow start has more to do with the obstructive behaviour of certain competitors than Wind’s own performance. We need more competition in Canada’s wireless market! Supporting companies like Wind will help ensure that we get better value from all service providers.

    • Pat

      If people wern’t so cheap, and bought their own phones, they would not be stuck with plans. Wind in this regard is a breath of fresh air. It is a big international company that will gring down roaming rates eventually.

    • Blacklisted

      @Pat, funny thing is that it isn’t an international company. Globalive is supposed to be a Canadian owned and controlled corporation, at least that’s what they tried to convince the CRTC of. The only reason why they were allowed to continue operating was at the whim of the Conserative government who wanted to, correctly, add competition to the Canadian wireless market.

      The Wind name was only supposed to be Licensed for use for marketing purposes. Any international ownership ties were supposed to be limited to just investment shares, not controlling, due to the foreign ownership rules at the time of the company’s creation. Now, in their advertising, they’re trying to make customers feel good knowing that they’re part of a company with over 200 million customers. If Globalive was only Licensed to use the Wind name, why would any international Wind customers be, in any way, related to Canada’s Wind Mobile customers? The fact is corporately they’re not, therefore Globalive is lying in their advertising.

      Wind is lucky that the government changed the foreign ownership rules to allow for international control as it’s very likely the CRTC, because of these new commercials, would have more ammunition against allowing Globalive’s operating license to continue.

  • abc123

    Really impressed with Wind so far. Coverage areas have improved in Vancouver. Was getting < 1Mbps down when I first signed up, now the same area (where I work) gets 2.5Mbps down consistently. Sometimes hitting 4Mbps.

    Just recently, they've also increased the upload speeds. I used to get 256kbps average up, now it's 1.2Mbps.

    Phone selection seems to be improved (smartphone-wise) although without a Wind tab, the phones are really expensive and can be bought elsewhere for cheaper.

    Just hoping that they can get some LTE spectrum so that the big 3 don't end up hoarding it all. Seeing as how Robellus has already started to roll out LTE to various cities, it looks like they don't need it.

  • PR

    Loose to the 6GB plans? Wind is unlimited, WTF are you talking about? why would they loose any?

    • scrooge

      How does one “loose” to anything. Are you some kind of “looser”?

    • 45

      Since some people want nation wide coverage and a lot of data..?

    • AndyOne

      Who told you Wind is unlimited??
      They give 5 GB limit on your phone or 10 GB for the internet stick, Thats not unlimited.
      I have wind speedstick and after 10 GB its usless.


      10 GB is also available as an add-on to the 5 GB smartphone plan. An extra 5 GB costs $10/month, for 10 GB full speed total. Sometimes, WIND allows full speed for an extra gig or two before throttling.

  • All I do is Wind!

    Nice! Wind WILL be the 4th national carrier!

    • AndyOne

      in 10 years or so..

  • Marc

    I would have switched over to Wind for their pricing but unfortunately the coverage zone literally ends 2 streets north of me. My friend on Wind has a signal in my backyard but not at my front door.

    • Pat

      You can buy a signal amplifier for a couple hundred dollars…

    • GrapeApe

      Yeah, you can buy a booster for a coupla hundred dollars to save a coupla dollars. Brilliant! ~%^&

  • Me

    I’m currently with Telus but am studying my options. Is anyone with Wind or Mobilicity in the Calgary area? I just want to know how their reception is in Calgary and what the internet speed is like. Any response would be much appreciated.

    • duw

      take this with a grain of salt (haven’t been on Wind for a year):

      – NW/NE/SW coverage is okay. University coverage improved massively I heard.
      – Downtown speeds around 1mbps, 2-5mbps otherwise.

    • jPhoneUser

      I live in downtown calgary i stream youtube , Rdio on my way to work in LRT to NE Franklin/Marlborough. I have used this to stream Rdio and do google navigation till NE westwinds and saddletowne. Never had issues in streaming around chinook , ikea tat side. also navigated and streamed till tuscany and airport without issues. I have never had issue with network as such and 29$ for unlimited internet and local calling i cant complain. we have 2 connections and we r paying 56$ a month for the whole thing 🙂

    • Geoff

      I’m in Calgary and it works well for me almost everywhere. I have spotty coverage in my basement (but this doesn’t matter because I have wireless) and I have virtually no coverage inside the building I work at (but this doesn’t matter because I have wireless at work). The work one is strange because I can get a full 3 bars just outside of the building and it DOES work in other buildings in my area. Maybe they used some extra cement when constructing my building or something.

    • in Calgary

      Been in calgary with them for almost 2 years – seems pretty stable and good. Have no interest to leave based on signal strength (or otherwise).

    • AndyOne

      Their internet speed is about 20% of Telus, some times it go up to 25%

  • jack

    ill only switch when they have just as good or better coverage than the big 3. lte not that big of an issue.

    • 45

      And if they ever do, their price will go up.

    • jack

      even if it goes up to 60, ill be ok with that if it stays unlimited. but again, only when they have true national coverage.

  • Markus Burke

    Time to update that picture already.

  • vader

    500 000 * ARPU of $27 = NO profit until 2080 #fail

    • daveloft

      That’s 13.5 million per month and since they haven’t (to my knowledge) made public their operating budget, no one outside of Wind really knows. But an unprofitable company can only stay afloat for so long, so I highly doubt that.

    • Jay

      I have had Wind for a year. I live and work in Toronto. My bill is $40 a month. SGS3 UNLIMITED. I’m happy.

      Enjoy your $65 6gb, evenings, my friends,your friends, 200 minutes, incoming, after 7, pay for CID!!!(wtf), and voicemail, activation fee, plan change fee Plan.

    • Gene

      And dont forget the $65 deal is only run for about 1 week/year and is not advertised.

  • OgtheDim

    Where’s Roco?

  • Hofo

    I think Hofo is down. You cant comment on Hofo.

  • Dustin

    Great news!!!

    Customer Service Rep
    Wind Mobile

  • Dave

    Happy WIND customer for 9 months now. I’ve even been pleasantly surprised with coverage in unexpected places, like Peterborough.

    I just wish they would expand into Quebec. I love visiting Monteal, but I don’t love losing my phone service.

  • Slype

    Very good news indeed. I think everyone should thank Wind and the other new entrants for opening people’s eyes to the terrible business practices of the Big 3 and how they operate as an oligarchy. Say what you want about their coverage (good for some, not good for others), they have changed the landscape and hopefully they educate people on what is going on in the industry.

  • skazzy

    Of only stupid Videotron and Wind could reach a free roaming agreement on the same frequency for Quebec / Ontario.

  • Warren

    I live in downtown Vancouver. Was a Fido customer virtually since they started. I switched to WIND in Jan of 2012. The service is great (store is friendly). Reception is good at work and home. Prices are insane. Nobody believes me when I tell them I have a $40 plan that is unlimited everything, including calling across North America and texting GLOBALLY.

    I lost my SIM card once and they had me up and running on a new one right away, charged me only $10. Such an opposite philosophy compared to the big three.

    • Gene

      I’m convinced that most people who knock Wind have never tried them. They are stuck in contracts and are speaking on conjecture and here-say.

    • jack

      everyone charges u $10 bucks. im surprised they even charged you, most places just give me one for free if i say i lost my sim.

    • Pat

      How did you lose your SIM? I lost one once, but that is a long story…

  • Jeniffer

    Cant wait to get a wind phone

    • Justin Credible

      Ogthedim, the $29 plan being offered right now does NOT expire in one year.

  • Andy

    I have been on all the major carriers, and wanted to try wind so I signed up for the $29.00 plan unlimited…and haven’t looked back its great.. hasn’t let me down and I love it so much that its stopping me from moving so I can get the new Iphone 5

    • Nexxzen

      Phone’s come and go but that $29 plan will last forever.

    • OgtheDim

      That 29 plan only lasts for one year.

      The F&F plan……..that one lasts for ever.

      $40 including picture messaging and international texting.

    • Nexxzen

      You’re about one year behind on life, that $29 plan is forever. All you have to do is go on ….

  • Pablo Moses

    Wind is moving forward.

  • Bruce

    Super happy with Wind service. Get great reception in Kitchener – London – Toronto – Niagara that the only places that I ever visit. Would not even think about switching to the big three just to have reception in between, I save about $30 a month. Even there roaming rate is good, I was in NY and it was 25c to call Canada and the US. I am happy to have an option where I am not taken advantage of. My internet speed are 4-7mbps down which are decent. Customer service is not great, but no service related company had good customer service.

    Recommended to value seeking customers that don’t mind not getting reception at the cottage (Cheap roaming) and want to save $300 a year.

  • bobfreeze

    I’ve been with Wind in Kitchener for 5 months, and have been quite satisfied overall. Yes – there can be some gaps in coverage areas and network speeds are not always the best, BUT value for money is far better, roaming is inexpensive when required, customer service is great, and I certainly don’t miss the deceptive business practices which have been a staple in the industry.

  • 2c

    i joined back in 2010 and with 35 plan and since than i have just laughed at people with long term contracts along with 70+ monthly bill even than they cant beat my plan.

  • 5Gs

    Slowly but surely.. Wind is taking over

    Go Wind Go!

  • jon

    even if you dont like wind, you should still support them because they are causing the big 3 to slowly change…

  • Just that guy

    Just too bad that WIND treats its employees like s**t.
    This comes from an employee who has been working there since day one.
    Confusing bonus structure that has changed at least 4 times since launch, not a single yearly raise since launch, expecting full time employees to do a managers job without the pay. A activation system that is filled with issues and constant errors.

    WIND has lost a lot of great employees…
    This will only make the customer user experience brutal. Most of you probably have noticed it going down hill already.
    You have to remember these employees who have been with the company since or just after launch are the ones who know how to use all of the systems inside and out and are usually able to fix many issues you might have right in store and usually pretty fast.
    All the new employees are only trained on activations and sales and re-direct everyone to call customer service, who are totally clueless and unable to speak english half the time.

    As few remaining great employees start to leave to better, less stressful, higher paying jobs, you will notice a dramatic drop in customer service at the store level.
    I for one know that the store that I am current at will suffer after i leave as most of my co-workers are clueless.

  • M4rk

    I was with wind for ONE MONTH, paid off my tab, got my phone unlocked & switched back to Bell. I never had a signal in my own house! Their Customer service sucked, they’re uninformed about the products they sell & one CSR had the nerve to yell at me when I was having an issue with the Galaxy S3 I bought from THEM. NEVER AGAIN!

    I recommend Bell, they HAD a Bring Your Own Device deal. 10% off your monthly bill & you don’t even have to sign a contract. So I got their 6gb LTE Fab10 promo with all the fixn’s for $52! SUCK IT WIND!

  • aregularonhofo

    Absolutely great that Wind Mobile is destroying Mobilicity and that loser Lyons, even all the Fanboys on have switched and the only trolls left are like hypocrites like bluenote73 still pushing Mobi’s lousy service/data…lots of i****s like Rocco (aka Rockjock) trying to put Wind down but they are growing/expanding and unlike Mobi they don’t lie/decrease the coverage area/use their customers/etc. You really have to be a total moron to use Mobi or worship Lyons on Twitter/Facebook and obviously support for Wind is now growing.

  • serpico

    I am with Wind for more than a year : south Calgary – spotty coverage , especially south of 162 AVE ; on 24 street SW very week signal . Downtown Calgary , mostly OK . But there are areas with no signal at all .

    These are just a few examples inside the Wind Home area .

  • Ys

    600000 is not a good number, their network is poor in so many areas,doesn’t work in york University, hospitals.
    CSR is very bad,they never respond to emails or call back.

  • ld

    Had 3 phones with Wind since December 2010. But their credit standards are very strict. Tried to switch from prepaid to postpay to get a tab and was not approved. Went to Koodo who gave 2 connections with $150 each tab on the same account. So we now keep one Wind phone. Very happy with Koodo’s unlimited Canada wide plan. More expensive than Wind, but seamless service and no dropped calls.

  • laquisha

    Signed up for the bts plan. It seemed like a good deal, unfortunately the coverage was poor and got no service when inside. I cannot make any calls to people on other networks either. I live in London ON

  • Dexter

    I’m looking foreword to the day they offer coverage in Winnipeg.