RIM’s BlackBerry 10 devices will be available “not too long after” the January 30th unveiling

RIM announced yesterday that the launch of BlackBerry 10 – also known as BB10 – will finally unveil itself on January 30th, 2013. RIM also noted that “the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones” will be shown off, but not released. The “smartphones and their availability will be announced at the event.” RIM has stuck to their “first quarter of 2013” release, but analysts previously suggested that we’d see them potentially in March.

A new report today from Reuters has Kristian Tear, RIM’s Chief Operating Officer, going on record that the all-touch and the QWERTY/Touch BlackBerry 10 devices will arrive in stores “not too long after” the BB10 announcement on January 30th. Personally, ‘not too long’ sounds like we could see them hit our carriers by February, but that’s purely speculation.

Tear also noted that “We’re working hard right now to make sure all the bits and pieces and all the details are in place for the date, when the devices will be available for consumers and enterprises.” RIM previously noted that over 50 carriers around the world are now testing BlackBerry 10 and that the “response has been tremendous.”

January 30th is about 2.5 months away. The countdown begins.

Source: Reuters