Nokia location services rebrands as Here, bringing maps app to iPhone and developer toolkit to Android


  • iphoneee

    Nokia has APPLE MAPSSS 😀 D:D

  • Nowhere

    As you can see the image is truncated; the full name of Nokia location devices is:


    I want Nokia to succeed but giving the BLACK Exclusive to Rogers of the 920 and pricing it over $400 was a bad decision.

    The N4 is out and all the people that wanted a 920 simply decided to get 920…after all the N4 is vlack too!

  • Why

    why is it diagonal? And why the h3ll is it missing a piece of the H?

    • sp

      because it used Apple Maps and ran into a brick wall…

      or its sinking into the lake…

      one or the other

  • Dennis

    its nice to have some alternative to GMaps.. but the website is much slower in loading maps then google; too many lags for now…
    maybe in the app version it is smoother

  • Is this WP8

    Nokia is abandoning Windows Phone.

    Does not sell + Microsoft Surface Phone coming to make a bad situation worse

  • kol.klink

    Great. Now nokia products are getting the Microsoft lifestyle marketing treatment. Where a perfectly logical name is replaced by a stupid branded one that tells you less about the original.

    Although google replacing the “Android Market” with the “Google Play” store was pretty dumb too.

  • Alex

    I don’t see how anything can be reported about this besides “Nokia has rebranded ‘Maps’ to ‘here’ and is advertising its HTML5 mobile web app”. Nothing here is new, Map Creator still doesn’t work in First World Countries, so the most active users cannot contribute updates to the most frequented areas.

    I’d love to see an article someday that explains the reasoning behind 3D imaging in Maps. Streetview can be somewhat useful, but Nokia owned C3 before Apple and had the exact same janky “Fly Over” maps that I cannot imagine a use for besides passing novelty.

    Nokia would be further ahead working on it’s POI database, considering that here in Toronto Nokia Maps can’t find my closest grocery store or cafes. It’s only good for finding places that don’t exist anymore and maybe Starbucks if you’re lucky

  • STY

    Since Nokia chose to not update Anna users in Canada. No more money from me. And seems others, as not many comments, or votes here. Justice.

  • ed

    it would be nice if I could go to the and do stuff like log in, but no……